Comic Relief Red Nose Day

As part of our fund raising activities at Sir John Lillie Primary School, we have encouraged everyone to come in red clothing and silly faces. Take a look at some of the children getting their faces painted by members of staff at Sir John Lillie Primary School

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Marchants Hill PGL 2015

Thursday 12th March

We’ve had another action packed day here at Marchant’s Hill! After filling up on a champion’s breakfast, we started our day with the dizzying heights of Power Fan and Aeroball (trampoline basketball). Following a lunch fit for a king, we again spread out and conquered the challenging, yet rewarding, trapeze, scaled the climbing wall, zeroed our focus in on the rifle range and held our nerve on the low ropes course.

Waiting for our activities to begin…

march 1205 march 1206 march 1207

Is is a bird? Is it a plane? Yes! It’s a bird!

march 1208

march 1209 march 1210

The big drop!

march 1213

march 1214

march 1215

Do you trust me?

march 1216

march 1217

A race to the top to decide who is to become the next Spiderman!

march 1218

Phew! Back to solid ground!

march 1219

Hands up!

march 1221

march 1222

Tomorrow’s our last day and although we’re sad to go, we’re looking forward to one more adventure, one more memory before being reunited with the ones we love.

Wednesday 11th March

Another wonderful day, although it did look a bit grey in the morning it had cleared up in time for our activities to begin. Today, children tackled an obstacle course, raced up a vertical wall (even Mr C made it to the  top), felt their way around the sensory trail, had a ride on the biggest swing ever (please, please Mrs Hayward can we get one!), zipped down a wire from the top of a swaying tree and had a go at rifle shooting.

march 1104

Now I know how fish feel!

march 1108

Perfecting her ‘royal ‘ wave.

march 1110

No really, PLEASE can we get one!

march 1111

Left a bit, up a bit.

march 1106 march 1103

Standing on the edge of the Devils Punch bowl we all had a go at shouting “Sir John Lillie” at the top of our voices and hearing the echo back! And apparently the white house we could see in the distance belongs to the Beckhams…..maybe it was them shouting back at us?

march 1105 march 1109march 1107

Tonight we are getting dressed up in our dark ‘sneaking around the forest’ clothes for a game of ambush! Yet another opportunity to get the torches out, yeah!

Tuesday 10th March

Yet another very busy day at Marchants hill. After a fortifying breakfast the groups set off for their first full day of activities which included abseiling, low ropes, sensory walk and archery in the morning.

march 1005

This is an unusual way to play follow the leader…..

march 1006

One small step for man....

One small step for man….

march 1008

Careful now….don’t drop the hat!

march 1003

Power rangers are go!

march 1002 march 1007 march 1001

After lunch we set out for the lake prepared to do battle in the raft building challenge. All teams carefully planned how they would construct their raft.

Planning our rafts

Planning our rafts

Planning our rafts

Go team “Unbeatable”, this is a winning plan!

Planning our rafts

But aren’t these rather small, how will we all fit on it?

We then got into our safety gear and built them together……

Dressed and ready......

Dressed and ready……

Useful things to do with a piece of rope!

Useful things to do with a piece of rope!



march 1015

Heave ho!

Finally we launched our creations, and they actually floated….well mostly! Team “Unbeatable” unfortunately modelled theirs on the Titanic and although they avoided any icebergs in the lake were soon all taking a very cold dip in the water. Mrs Thompson was pulling them back on as quick as they fell off…but all made it to shore safely and were revived by  hot showers afterwards.march 1016

Off we go.

Off we go.

march 1019 march 1018

I'm sure they said this lake was heated!

I’m sure they said this lake was heated!

For our evening activity it was time for a game of Robot wars and then off to bed. I think there will be a few children falling asleep rather faster than last night!

march 1101


Monday 9th March

After a great trip down we arrived at the Devils Punch bowl for lunch and could not believe how COLD it was! As it was threatening to rain we quickly ate our lunch and scurried back to the warmth of the coach for the quick 5 minute drive to PGL.

After unloading the coach we went to the sports hall to play a few games, create our room names, find out our activities and get into our activity groups. But of course we made sure there was time for our first team photo!


_DSC0041 _DSC0042 _DSC0040 _DSC0039 _DSC0038 _DSC0037

After settling into our rooms we all went on  a tour of the grounds with our PGL group leader, Sally. Dinner was at 5:40pm, and by then all were ready for their first meal. The first evening entailed a night walk adventure around the grounds where we finally got to use our torches, yeah! Ready for bed, and even though the thrill of their first night at PGL  will no doubt keep some children awake buzzing with excitement, there are a few children already looking very sleepy! Check in tomorrow for updates on our first day of activities.

World Book Day 2015

World Book Day’s theme this year to help celebrate Science Week was Science Fiction Theme. We had Mad Scientists, Super Heroes, Einstein, Frankeinstein and all sorts of Space Creatures! 

There were prizes for the best dressed in each year group as well as activities throughout the day including: the 100 world challenge, comic strips, paired reading and Stop, Drop and Read! 

Modern Day Mad Scientist

Mr Bilsborough the Minion

Incredible Hulk

Year 4 and Year 1 Paired Reading

100 word Challenge