Maths Open Morning

Parents experienced our daily maths meetings and worked with their children solving a variety of problems.

There was also a Gecko maths competition in the hall, where parents had fun solving challenging problems with their children.

Thank you to all the parents who came, and a huge congratulations to the winning team (Fatimah, Zakariyah, Khalid and Hafsa) who raced ahead!

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Science Enquiry

At Sir John Lillie Primary this year we are working on our science enquiry skills and ensuring that we observe all the changes around us.  We have been particularly interested in some of the changes happening to plants in our playground.

Have a look at these photographs, what do you notice?

IMG_3651 IMG_3637 IMG_3639 IMG_3640 IMG_3641 IMG_3642 IMG_3643 IMG_3644 IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3647 IMG_3648 IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3679 IMG_3669 IMG_3670 IMG_3671 IMG_3672 IMG_3673 IMG_3674 IMG_3675 IMG_3676 IMG_3677 IMG_3678

Start of the Academic Year

It’s been a busy start to the new school year.

Have a look at all the exciting and creative learning that has taken place.

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Sports Captains are now in the process of being elected.

Here is the panel and some candidates, find out on next weeks newsletter who are our new Sports Captains.

IMG_3620   IMG_3621IMG_3625IMG_3627

Reception Graduation 2015

Today our reception children have graduated from foundation stage and are now ready to start a new adventure as year ones.

It has been an exciting journey for the children as well as the teachers who have seen them grow and progress throughout their early years stage.

Here are some of the pictures from our graduates today!

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Ballet Workshops

Today some children from years 4, 5 and 6 attended a Ballet Workshop at the Lyric Theatre run by the New England Ballet Group. The children were able to watch professional dancers perform particular ballet moves and then were taught some steps themselves – it was absolutely fantastic! Well done to all the children who attended.