Marchants hill day 4

Sunhine and Smiles

All too soon our final full day at Marchants hill has arrived and we were blessed with a truly fabulous sunny day. Today started with two very different activities. First of all power fan, which involves climbing up a 60 foot pole and leaping off. Just how anyone thinks this is fun is beyond me but all the children managed to have a go, pushing themselves to go as high as they possibly could, with many actually reaching the top.

PGL day 4 - 14

Following on from that it was into the woods for a far more ground based activity – Survival training. Here the children learnt how to make a basic tent and carve their own tent pegs. They then used a flint and steel to start a fire. So the good news is if you are ever stuck out in the woods you needn’t worry as your child will be able to make a shelter, keep you warm with a fire and filter water using moss and twigs!

The afternoon activity involved heading skyward again, climbing up Jacob’s ladder. This not only challenged their fear of heights but also their strength and agility. I won’t be recommending Mrs Hayward install one in school just yet – the stairs are far easier to climb!

After that we went to the shooting range to test our rifle skills. Safe to say the squirrels are probably safe for another year – but everyone thoroughly enjoyed having  a try!

So for our final evening we all headed to the activity room for the much awaited DISCO. Here DJ Ross entertained all with his excellent choice of music, dance instruction and limbo dancing.

And finally off to bed for our last sleep before home. Thanks to all the fantastic staff at Marchants hill for giving us such a memorable trip. Thanks to all the children for being so amazing – you have done us proud! And thanks to Tina and Pedro for all the laughs!

PGL day 4 - 24

Marchants Hill 2017

Mrs Thompson


Marchants Hill Day 3

Wet, wet, wet

There seems to have been a bit of a water theme so far with the week, either falling in it or, like today, standing in it. Fortunately, the torrential rain promised by the weather report never quite happened and we only got damp in the persistent drizzle. However, the rain did not dampen our spirits in the least and we thoroughly enjoyed today’s activities.

Our morning activities were zip wire and problem solving.

PGL day 3 - 3PGL day 3 - 2

PGL day 3 - 11

PGL day 3 - 10

An unusual, yet effective, way of doing the zip wire!

PGL day 3 - 9

After lunch we headed out towards the giant swing and were all put to work pulling the swing to the top. Then, on to some low rope activities. Here we worked in teams supporting each other to navigate our way around an obstacle course.

PGL day 3 - 2 (1)

Some people really enjoyed the giant swing..others not so much!

PGL day 3 - 1 (1)

Again – liked, didn’t like

PGL day 3 - 6PGL day 3 - 7

Of course the highlight of the day was the trip to the shop where all were very excited to spend our money. Spoiler alert – some lucky parents and grandparents are soon to be the recipients of some very nice PGL mugs!

PGL day 3 - 14

Pedro looking very envious – next time he won’t forget his pocket money!

For our final activity today we all went out onto the field for some wacky races before slipping into bed. After all the activities today I think they will all be asleep before their heads hit the pillows!

PGL day 3 - 15

Getting ready for that well known game of ‘Ninja granny’. No –  we hadn’t heard of it either!

Marchants Hill Day 2


This is probably the perfect subheading for today as it pretty much sums it up. Get wet, get dry, get wet, get dry, get wet….

We started the day off with quad bikes (not a wet activity you are thinking!) which was enjoyed by all and there may be a few birthday requests for a quad bike – sorry parents!

This was followed by an assault course that was very muddy indeed. Mrs Thompson told the children she had lost her keys again and they looked everywhere, but couldn’t seem to find them!

PGL - 19

They are not in here!

PGL - 6

Or under here.

PGL - 17

Or here!

PGL - 5

I can’t feel anything  in all these leaves either.

PGL - 3

Not under here.

PGL - 2

You didn’t even go in here – I think you are just making this up!


I just don’t understand how jumping in a puddle will help find them!

PGL - 1

We have looked everywhere, are your sure you actually lost them?

PGL - 18

Definitely, just keep looking while  I take these pictures to show everyone how hard you searched.

After this it was time for the first round of showers and a welcome warm lunch. The afternoon was a team effort to make and launch a raft in the PGL pond. All the stories of the lake dragon didn’t put off the children and they worked in their teams to produce a raft fit for the ‘Round the world yacht race” – well around the pond at least!

PGL - 15

The water is really lovely and warm, let’s go for a swim after this – said no-one!

PGL - 14

I’m telling you now, Mrs Thompson did not drop the keys in the lake!

Once the children had showered yet again, and had dinner, we were ready for our evening activity. For this we  all sang songs around the campfire and listened to stories. For this we had a surprise guest – number 22  joined us. Well actually it was Mrs Hayward, but we were all pleased to see her and have her join in with our campfire games and songs.

PGL - 16

Marchants Hill 2017

Well after much excitement last week of counting the number of sleeps till PGL the day has finally arrived! Our intrepid explorers set off this morning heading  for the Surrey hills, stopping on the way at the Devil’s punchbowl for some lunch.

PGL - 2

No sooner had we set out when we suffered a Shakespearean tragedy.

PGL - 3

Don’t panic parents – we were just kidding

PGL - 4

Time for some post lunch sightseeing at the Punchbowl.

PGL - 1

As soon as we arrived at PGL we were met by our group leader, Ross, who lead the excited group to our rooms, then out for a tour of the grounds.

PGL - 5

Echo point, echo point, echo point. Well you get the picture.

PGL - 6

And that Pedro is how you levitate – simple really!


Following a delicious dinner we were ready for action and headed out into the dark for a game of ‘Ambush’. For those not in the know, this is ‘extreme’ hide and seek. But if you don’t like hiding in bushes in the pitch dark then it is probably not the game for you!

PGL - 9

Yes camouflage is the very in colour this season.

PGL - 10

Halloween has come very early this year.

PGL - 11

Some rather scary, and dirty children we found in the woods.

PGL - 8

Not tired enough? Ok time for some late night aerobics.

So now we are all showered and heading for bed and looking forward to see what our first full day has in store for us.


World Book Day

World Book Day is a worldwide celebration of books and reading.
Here at Sir John Lillie we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as a character from our favourite book. We had a variety of characters from all different books.

Take a look at some of the amazing costumes below

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