Marchants hill day 4

Sunhine and Smiles

All too soon our final full day at Marchants hill has arrived and we were blessed with a truly fabulous sunny day. Today started with two very different activities. First of all power fan, which involves climbing up a 60 foot pole and leaping off. Just how anyone thinks this is fun is beyond me but all the children managed to have a go, pushing themselves to go as high as they possibly could, with many actually reaching the top.

PGL day 4 - 14

Following on from that it was into the woods for a far more ground based activity – Survival training. Here the children learnt how to make a basic tent and carve their own tent pegs. They then used a flint and steel to start a fire. So the good news is if you are ever stuck out in the woods you needn’t worry as your child will be able to make a shelter, keep you warm with a fire and filter water using moss and twigs!

The afternoon activity involved heading skyward again, climbing up Jacob’s ladder. This not only challenged their fear of heights but also their strength and agility. I won’t be recommending Mrs Hayward install one in school just yet – the stairs are far easier to climb!

After that we went to the shooting range to test our rifle skills. Safe to say the squirrels are probably safe for another year – but everyone thoroughly enjoyed having  a try!

So for our final evening we all headed to the activity room for the much awaited DISCO. Here DJ Ross entertained all with his excellent choice of music, dance instruction and limbo dancing.

And finally off to bed for our last sleep before home. Thanks to all the fantastic staff at Marchants hill for giving us such a memorable trip. Thanks to all the children for being so amazing – you have done us proud! And thanks to Tina and Pedro for all the laughs!

PGL day 4 - 24

Marchants Hill 2017

Mrs Thompson


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