France – Day 3

It was an early start for us this morning. We clambered onto the coach bleary-eyed amongst the soundtrack of cockerels calling and birds chirping in order to make the long journey to Arras.

On arrival, we were greeted with a soldier’s helmet and guided towards a lift.

Firdaus, year six, has described the experience in her own words.

Down in the quarries I felt all kinds of emotions: sad, grateful, devastated. During the tour, our guide showed us lots of different things the second ladies did to survive the poor conditions underground. We learnt how they bathed, ate and slept. At the end we saw a short movie about how the Batlle of Arras began and ended. As well as the tour being quite sad, it was also interesting and a great experience to learn something new.

We then ventured to the trenches to see how close the Allies and Axis were. It was an incredibly eye-openıng experınce.


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