Magali’s French page

Welcome to Magali’s French page. 

On this page you’ll find lots of helpful resources made by Magali to help you with your understanding and speaking of French. 

There will be lots of websites and games too!



Last Friday, we look at the words for numbers-0-100  in French. Here are numbers-exercises if you want to practise writing numbers.


Today in class,  year 5 and year 6 did a quiz about the Olympic Games. Feel free to try and answer the 12 questions of this jo-quiz  .


Bonne rentrée !  /  Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are happy to learn more French this year. As a good start, watch this video and learn…

French Phrases Hidden in English Words

… See you soon in class.



Here are some famous French songs for you to enjoy!

Bonjour Chanson : Learn French hello song – Bonjour, Hello

Salutations En Francais Chanson : Bonjour! Comment ca va?


Nombres En Francais Chanson: Nous irons au bois

Les chiffres et les nombres de 1 a 20 – alain le lait

Les chiffres et les nombres de 20 à 50 – alain le lait

Les chiffres et les nombres de 50 à 70 – alain le lait

Les chiffres de 70 à 100 – alain le lait

Couleurs En Francais Chanson: J’aime les voitures – alain le lait

Alphabet – L’alphabet en Français by Alain Le Lait

Ma famille (Vocabulaire de la famille) – alain le lait

Lieux en ville En Francais Chanson : Quand je vais à l’école

Matt le magnifique –episode 1-à LIEUX+MAISON+FAMILLE

L’école En Francais Chanson : Dans ma salle de classe

Matt le magnifique –episode 2

 Les parties du corps En Francais Chanson : Bonjour Monsieur

Les fruits En Francais Chanson :  J’aime les fruits – alain le lait

Pomme de reinette et pomme d’api

Dans sa maison un grand cerf

Le Fermier Dans Son Pré

Frère Jacques – alain le lait


On Friday 22nd May, SJL opened a French café for the day.

Children would order their food in French and choose from a variety of French food, such as chocolate croissants or Pan au chocolat as the French would say, French baguette and French cheese amongst other foods.

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying themselves at the French café.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Bonjour à tous,

Next Tuesday, make the most of Shrove Tuesday by eating delicious crêpes. Here is the recipe in French. Bon appétit!


Comment ça va?

We learnt last week about places and directions and saw this video. Did you like it? If you want to practice speaking, … voici un plan!



We have been learning about the months and the seasons in French and discovered the French Name Day Calendar. Have a look at it below!

calendrier 2015

Do you remember the 4 seasons in French?

  • le printemps
  • l’été
  • l’automne
  • l’hiver

In class, we have been talking about age and birthday, read this dialogue for a good practice!


This week Magali will be teaching about WWI in her lessons and the differences between the acts of remembrance in France and the United Kingdom.

Have a look at this document to help you try and identify some of these differences…

Bleuet en France -Coquelicot en Angleterre

Have you also seen these pictures from the Tower of London?

Poppies tower 2 Poppies tower

Here is a poem for you to learn:


Déjà septembre !
Finies les vacances !
L’école recommence !

Déjà septembre !
Prenez les cahiers !
C’est la rentrée !

Déjà septembre !
Bonjour l’écolier !

SALUTATIONS en français  (Click to open this document)

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