Welcome to the Nursery.

The new children have settled in really well and are enjoying exploring the learning environment……

Our topic this half term is


Busy Bodies

We have just begun our new topic…….


Water Topic

All Things Bright and Beautiful

We were meant to do lots of gardening but the weather was horrible!!!!!  Instead we had lots of fun hunting for and finding out about mini-beasts.


Look at our Nature Table……….

Nature Table

Bread Rolls

This week we baked our own bread rolls.  It was hard work and lots of fun!!  We talked about the ingredients we needed and made sure we had the right amount.  The best part was kneading the dough.  We had to leave the dough for an hour and we noticed that it had got much bigger.  We cooked our bread rolls and took them home.


Science Week

We had a fantastic week!!!  We talked about how we can be good scientists.

What make a good scientist

We enjoyed using our senses to explore and we had an amazing and messy time – as you can see from our before and after photos.

One of the activities we enjoyed the most, was observing the frogspawn with magnifying glasses. We talked about what we could see and drew some pictures.  We are looking forward to seeing what happens to the frogspawn over time and have talked about what we think might happen.

The Three Little Pigs

We have been reading to the story of the Three Little Pigs this week.  We explored the different materials that the pigs used to build their houses. We had lots of fun huffing and puffing.  We thought that the wolf couldn’t blow down the brick house because the bricks were too “strong” and “heavy”.  We used lots of different resources to make houses.

We used the puppets to act out the story and used different voices for the different characters when we joined in with the repeated refrains, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff” and “Not by the hairs of my chinny, chin, chin”.



We have been exploring colours and how they can be changed.  We mixed red paint with shaving foam and had lots of messy fun mixing it with our hands. We noticed that when we mixed the shaving foam and paint it made pink.

We used pipettes to drop food colouring into milk and looked at how the colours changed as they mixed together.

Number Hunt

We went on a number hunt around the school. We took photos of the numbers we found.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

We have been reading the story of “Elmer and the Rainbow”.  In the story the rainbow lost all it’s colours and Elmer and his friends tried to find the end of the rainbow so Elmer could share his colours.  We used the interactive white board and the 2Paint program to colour in pictures of Elmer.




This week we have been reading the story “Pumpkin Soup”. We talked about the three characters in the story, the cat, the duck and the squirrel.  We thought that the squirrel and the cat weren’t very kind to the duck and that they should share and be kind to each other.

We had a VERY orange week in the Nursery.

Autumn Walk

On Thursday we went to Normand Park to look for signs for Autumn.  It was lots of fun and we collected lots of leaves.  We talked about the different sizes, shapes and colours.  Next week we will be using the leaves we collected for art and maths activities.

37 thoughts on “Nursery

  1. Hello nursery it seems like you have been having so much fun. I wonder if you have been doing anything else that is exciting, have you?

  2. Hello Nursery

    I have just been watching you exploring the playground on your bikes and go-karts. You are very good a steering around the road track. Two of you were pushing a friend on a go kart and laughing.

    Some of you threw a ball over the bridge. When you got to the top of the bridge, the ball had rolled a long way away to the big silver gates.

    Some of you were looking in the grass for mini beasts. You were very quiet and very gentle.

    Did you enjoy meeting the fire fighters yesterday and hearing the siren? The red fire engine was so big. Did you take a photo of yourselves with the firefighters next to the engine?

    I know you are creating super heros at the moment and the displays in your room are fab! I am looking forward to meeting them all.

    Happy learning Nursery!

    Mrs Hayward

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