Welcome back! 

Hope you have had a safe break. We are back to our learning in Reception.

We have been talking about different celebrations, such as Diwali, Eid, Halloween, Bonfire Night and birthdays. We made our own Diva lamps, birthday cakes and we decorated Mhendi hands. We also created our own fireworks pictures by splashing paint on big pieces of paper. It was so much fun!

We talked about healthy and unhealthy food. We used words such as, ‘vitamins’, ‘fat’, ‘salt’ and ‘sugar’. Then we pretended to be doctors and decided which food we should or should not eat.

As part of our topic, we invited Jayne from EDEN to come and talk to us about healthy eating. She talked about different fruit and vegetables and why they are so good for us. She also brought some oranges for us to taste. They were delicious! Thank you Jayne and we cannot wait for your next visit!

We have also been talking about being healthy and how to keep our bodies fit and strong. We decided to pretend to be doctors and nurses in our outside role play area. We put o aprons and stethoscopes  to look after our baby dolls. We had to make some important decisions when administrating some medicine. 

We talked about our favourite meals at home and at school. Then we made our food paper plates. We used different materials to create our plates. 

After reading the story we became very interested in caterpillars and other bugs. We read some information books on caterpillars and butterflies and then we decided to go on a bug hunt in our playground. We used magnifying glasses to look for creepy-crawlies.

Welcome back after the summer holidays!

Our first topic is Yum Yum!, so we started off our learning with one of our favourite stories, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We had a go at retelling and acting out the story using puppets and real props. It was so much fun!



Since we have been learning about water this half term, we have been carrying out our own water explorations outside. We have been investigating with tinfoil boats and different sized pebbles. We made predictions about how many pebbles we thought we could fit in before the boats sank. We used words such as sinking and floating to describe what we could see happening.

Afterwards, we listened to different sounds of water and had a go at creating our own water sounds and recording them with recordable pegs. We thought very carefully about what instruments to choose to make different water sound effects, such as crashing waves, dripping tap or heavy rain. 

In class we talked about different places we can find water, such as taps, lakes, rivers, ponds, seas etc. Can you have a go at finding different places to get water at home? 

We have been exploring with different instruments. We thought of different sounds  we can make and the different ways we can create them, such as patting, shaking, scraping and rubbing. We also thought about how to make loud and quiet sounds. Then we had a go at playing along to the rhythm of different songs distinguishing between fast and slow tempos.

After going on a trip around the local area we created our own 3D maps using recyclable materials. We remembered and labelled some road names and features of our local area. We had so much fun creating different landmarks, such as our school, Normand Park and Fulham Pools using cardboard boxes, lollipop sticks and tissue paper.

Welcome back!

We started our new topic ‘Splish Splash’ with lots of water explorations. We used different containers to pour water down water wheels and talk about what was happening. We talked about different actions we could do with water such as pouring in and out, filling up, emptying, etc. We had so much fun!

Next, we had a go at problem solving. We used our skills to move rubber ducks from one tray to another using gutters and water only. We were not allowed to use our hands to help us. It was such a great challenge. We had to work together to think o different ways of positioning water gutters so that the ducks could travel between the trays.

We have also been exploring capacity using different containers. We used words such as ’empty’, ‘half full’ and ‘full’ to talk about the amount of water in different containers. Next, we had a go at sequencing 3 containers starting from the one with the least amount of water.

We started our topic with the story ‘The Journey’ . We talked about different places where we can find water such as streams, rivers, lakes and seas. We also talked about differences between a town and a countryside. Next, we had a go at writing simple descriptions of a town and a countryside using words such as flats, houses, traffic and fields. Finally,  we retold and acted out the story using the story map and props.


When reading the story we also found out that sometimes people do not look after their environment so we thought of how we could help look after the world around us. We came up with lots of different ideas, such as picking up rubbish and placing them in a bin, throwing scrap paper into a recycling bin, watering plants, saving electricity and water, etc. 

After reading ‘The Journey’ we got very inspired and decided to go on our own journey to explore our local area. We were looking out for different landmarks around our school. We remembered the names of some roads that are near the school such as Lillie Road, Munster Road and Dawes Road. We spotted lots of houses, flats and shops in our local area. We also noticed that Lillie Road is quite busy with cars and buses.



We have been looking at and talking about different signs of spring. We read some information books about frogs and we looked at the real frogspawn in our playground. We learnt about the life cycle of a frog as we talked about growth and change. 

We have been looking carefully at daffodils and predicted what would happen if we left some out of water. We have learnt new words such as ‘stem, petals and roots’. 

Trip to Kensington Palace 

Well done to all of Reception who were brilliant during our trip to the palace. They were very grown up walking along the road and getting on and off the bus. Whilst at the palace we met Queen Caroline and Sailor Sam and we performed the story that we have learnt and developed as part of the Curious Stories project. We would also like to say a big thank you to all the Mums and Dads who came with us. 

We would like to say a big thank-you to all the Mums and Dads who joined us for our Science open morning today. It was fantastic to see so many grown ups joining in with our learning. 

This week has been Science week and our topic has been ‘changes’. We have been learning about the changing seasons and have used information books as well as exploring our local environment to find out about Spring. We have begun planting seeds for our vegetable garden and we will be watching our plants as they grow and change. 

We have also been exploring different materials and have made magic potions using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and mixing bubble potions. 


We used a ‘safe search’ on the computer to look at photographs of different castles around the world. We used different materials and media to create our castle collages. We reflected on and evaluated our work and thought about what we could do to  make them even better. 

In our daily maths meetings we have been learning different ways to solve our number sentences. We can use objects, our fingers, Numicon and drawings to help us find the answer. We are now using number lines so we can solve problems using even bigger numbers. 


Describing Characters – 

We have used our phonics to help us write sentences about different characters. We have remembered to use describing words in all of our sentences and we are making our sentences even better by using the joining word ‘and’. Can you think of 5 different describing words to describe a king or a knight or a princess? 

Stories and Information books – 

We are getting much better at identifying if we are reading a story book and we know that in stories we can use our imaginations as they are pretend and anything can happen! We have read the story ‘The Knight and the Dragon’ and have used props and puppets to help us retell the story. We have been using story language such as ‘Once upon a time…next…then…afterwards…the end.’ 

We have used blocks and shapes to build castles. We remembered and used new words such as ‘moat…drawbridge…and battlements’. We can name 3D shapes and can describe their properties using words such as ‘edges, curves and faces’. 


In Maths we are reading and solving number sentences. We are able to use different strategies to help us find the answer such as using objects, Numicon, our fingers or drawing pictures. 

 World Book Day! 

Well done to everybody in Reception who dressed up as their favourite character. We enjoyed looking at and sharing books and taking part in a reading assembly. 

Our new topic is called ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. Come and have at look at our witch’s house and castle role play areas in our classrooms. 

We are becoming ‘experts’ on stories. We are able to listen carefully to stories and we can talk about the events, settings and characters. We can remember and retell stories such as ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and we have been using our imaginations as we act out stories during drama and dance lessons. 

 We enjoy playing with props and puppets so we can make up our own stories and narratives. 

We have had a very busy start to the new year already and have started our new topic ‘In the Deep Dark Woods’. We have been reading the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and have been learning about different settings. We are able to retell and act out the story using actions and props and we can join in with the repeated words and phrases. 

We have been learning about the different settings and have explored natural resources and materials to help us think of describing words. We have used our phonics to help us write sentences with describing words. 

In our Maths groups we have been learning about 1 more and 1 less. We know that plus 1 is the same as 1 more and we know that take away 1 is the same as 1 less. We then began solving subtraction problems using objects and reading subtraction number sentences. 

Then we went outside to build our own rockets that would take us all the way to the Moon. We used different 3D shapes and talked about their properties, such as edges, faces, curves, etc. 

Happy New Year! 

We hope everyone had a lovely holiday and you are all ready to come back to do some more fantastic learning in Reception. 

Next, we read and acted out ‘Whatever Next’ story. We worked together to act out the narrative. We had such a great time using different props, such as boxes, colanders, welly boots, etc. We really enjoyed taking on a role of  Baby Bear and Mummy Bear.

We talked about day and night. We learned about differences between day and night. We found out that some animals, such as owls, hedgehogs and foxes wake up at night. We learned the word ‘nocturnal’.

We also looked at and read information books about different sources of light. Then we talked about different things that give us light, such as torches, candles, bulbs, etc. 

We have started to talk about dark and light. We used our OHP to investigate with light and shiny materials. We used words, such as ‘shiny’, ‘reflection’, ‘dark’, ‘light’ and ‘shadow’. We were very engaged in the activity. We had a chance to test our ideas and explain what was happening.

 We have talked about different celebrations, such as Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night. We shared our personal experiences and talked about what we celebrate with our families. It was so interesting to hear about different celebrations.

To celebrate Bonfire Night we talked about fireworks. We thought of different colours of fireworks as well as different sounds they make. We had so much fun using our mouth to make different fireworks sounds, such as ‘POP’, ‘BANG!, ‘CRASH!’, ‘ZOOM!’… Can you think of a different sound? We made our own rockets out of recyclable boxes, using different tools and materials.

Next, we performed our firework dance. We used our bodies to move in different ways using colourful ribbons. We pretended to be Jumping Jacks, Cathrine Wheels, Rockets and even dancing Bonfire flames. We had such a great time. What firework would you like to be? Can you have a go at imitating it?

Our new topic is ‘Fire and Ice’. We started off with an autumn walk. We invited our parents and carers to come with us to our local park to collect some natural resources, such as leaves, pine cones and twigs. We observed that leaves had started to fall off trees and they had begun to change colours. We collected lots of leaves and brought them back to school to investigate even more using magnifying glasses. It was so much fun!

Welcome back! Hope you have had a safe break.

Today we had a visit from Jayne from Eden who is doing an ‘Eat Well’ project with us. We are going to be learning about different food groups and we all had a try of some tasty apples. Today we learnt about different fruit and vegetables and we used magnifying glasses to help us look carefully and make comparisons. 

We have continued to use all our senses to explore different food in our messy play kitchen. We have been using describing words and comparing the different textures. 

We have also been reading the story of ‘The Toy’s Party’. In the story Kipper makes a cake using cornflakes, jam, sugar, baked beans, tomato ketchup and milk!! We then had a go at making this cake ourselves – don’t worry we didn’t eat it, but we had lots of fun mixing the ingredients together. 

This week we decided to touch and feel the texture of cornflakes. Next, we had a go at predicting what would happen if we added some water. We touched the cornflakes again and used words, such as wet, soggy, soft, gooey and sticky to describe them.

We also talked about our favourite food and special meals at home. We made paper plate food collages using different materials to create some interesting textures.

We also made our own fruit bowls using an ICT program. We used ipads to paint different fruit. We had a go at choosing colours for a purpose, dragging words onto our fruit and typing our names. It was so much fun!

We started off with a story we are all familiar with to help us settle in Reception. We read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and we learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. We had a go at retelling the story by sequencing pictures from the book.

We looked at the patterns on different butterflies and we noticed they are the same on all their wings. We learnt a new word ‘symmetrical’ and we created our own symmetrical paintings of butterflies. 

We also looked at and described patterns on different caterpillars. We used words, such as zigzag, stripes, spots and waves. Next we had a go at making our own caterpillars and decorating them using the patterns.

We looked at information books about caterpillars and butterflies and we learnt lots of interesting facts. Did you know that caterpillars have 16 legs and they eat their eggs once they hatched. 

Welcome back! Hope you have had an amazing break. We are not wasting any time in Reception and we are straight back to our learning.

Our new topic is ‘Around the World’. We have looked at and talked about different modes of transport, such as an aeroplane, a train, a car, a motorbike, a ferry, a boat and a bicycle. We have thought of how they can move, and whether they would take us on long or short journeys.

We looked at the map of the world and looked at different continents and countries. We talked about the countries our parents come from and had a go at finding them on the map. We found out that most of those countries are very far and we thought of different modes of transport we could take to visit them. We thought whether people in different countries speak the same languages and we talked about different languages some of us speak at home. We also thought of different languages we say ‘hello’ in at register times.

This week we went on a trip to the Ecology Centre in Holland Park. We learnt about 2 different habitats, ponds and woodlands. We were very excited because we we went pond dipping and bug hunting. We were very lucky to find all sorts of mini-beasts, such as millipedes, woodlice, beetles and centipedes. Some of us were very fortunate to find a newt whilst dipping in ponds. We had so much fun and we learnt a lot about our local habitats.

After learning about our local habitats we thought of different places where animals and plants live. We decided to go on a learning walk through African rainforests. We looked at visuals of African rainforests and animals that live there, such as cheetahs, gorillas, monkeys, parrots, toucans, snakes, elephants etc. Next we made our own rainforest collages using different materials and techniques.  

Our topic this half term is Splish Splash. We have been learning all about ponds, rivers, streams, seas and oceans. We made our own 3D ponds using recyclable materials. We thought of different creatures and plants we could see in ponds, such as fish, frogs, and reeds.

We created our own topic web. We thought of what we wanted to learn about this half term. We decided that we wanted to have a pirate ship role play so we could dress up as pirates and go on pirate adventures.

We listened to different sounds of water and used different words to imitate them, such as pitter patter,  splash, bash, crash, etc. Next, we went on a walk around the school premises to look for different sources of water and we used recordable pegs to record the sounds we could hear.

We looked at information books about tadpoles and we learnt all about the life cycle of a frog. We were very lucky to have a tank full of tadpoles in our playground so we could see how a tadpole grows and becomes a frog.

We did lots of water investigations outside. We tested our ideas and thought about cause and effect whilst experimenting with water tubes and pipes. We showed fantastic problem solving skills when moving water from one container to the other using water gutters and pipes. It was so much fun.

We also investigated with ice. We used our senses, such as touch and sight to observe what happens with ice in our classroom. We also thought of different places where ice would melt the quickest, such as a window sill on a  sunny day or a radiator.

Welcome back to school! Hope you had safe Easter holidays!

We are back to learning in Reception. We have read “The Princess and the Dragon” story. We used lots of describing words to talk about the characters from the book, such as naughty, rude, horrid, horrible and horrifying. etc. Next, we had a go at writing missing posters of the naughty Princess.

We have been reading information books about the life cycle of a frog. We learnt words, such as frogspawn and a tadpole. We also learnt lots of interesting facts about how the body of a tadpole changes. Do you know what happens with a tadpole’s tail as it grows bigger?

We want to wish everyone Happy Easter holidays. Keep safe and see you all on the 11th of April!

 We organised an Easter Bonnet Parade for the EYFS. A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who helped their children make fantastic bonnets. Thank you for your cooperation and you should be very proud of your hard work and devotion. 

W talked about spring this week. We went out to the playground to look for different signs of spring. W found some blossom on trees and daffodils. We also spotted lots of buds and  leaves that started to grow. 
We did some dancing in PE this week. We helped the Elf to save the Elf Kingdom by helping him find magic keys stolen by a wicked witch. We explored different ways of moving, such as skipping, marching reaching high and low whilst moving to the rhythm of the music. We were all very happy that we could help the Elf find the keys.
We went outside to make some silly potions in our mud kitchen. We used our imagination and collected a variety of resources to make our potions with. We added some slimy slugs, squishy brains and scary spiders. We pretended we were wicked witches and bad wizards and we cast some spells on each other to see what would happen. We had so much fun!
We decided to make yucky potions. We used balancing scales to weigh different ingredients. We used words, such as heavy and light. Next, we had a go at ordering 3 objects starting from the heaviest one.

We went on a trip to the local pet shop. We talked about what we could see in our local area and what road our school is on. When we arrived at the shop we had a look at different animals and used our words to describe them. 

We used different materials and tools to make our castle collages. We remembered and used new words to describe the different parts of a castle.  We evaluated our collages and thought about what else we could do to make them even better.

We used props and puppets to retell and act out the story “Dear Dragon”. We remembered story words and phrases, such as ‘once upon a time’, ‘suddenly’ or ‘the end’. We had lots of fun blowing bubbles and staging the Princess’s birthday party.

For World Book Day we dressed up as our favourite book characters. We put a lot of effort to make our outfits look amazing. We had some of our parents reading our favourite stories in different languages and our friends from Year 3 came to read with us. We had a fantastic day!

We had a go at thinking of our own questions and what we wanted to find out from our investigations. We used the phrase “I wonder if…” to help us come up with our own ideas. Next, we carried out our investigation with soap flakes and water to see what would happen. Did you know that when you mix a little bit of warm water with soap flakes it will go slimy and sticky? What will happen if you mix soap flakes with warm water? Can you investigate with your grown-up at home?

We read a recipe to make a bubble potion to find out what ingredients we needed to use. Next, we went outside to make our own potions to make bubbles. We thought of what might happen when we blow gently or hard and had a go at making predictions. Next, we tested our ideas and explained what was happening. We had so much fun being scientists!

It is Science Week at our school this week so we all became scientists. We thought of different investigations and experiments we wanted to carry out and questions we wanted to find answers for. We also invited our parents and carers to come and join us with our exploring and investigating. We made simple predictions and explored using our senses to describe what happened as we mixed different materials. We made witch’s potions, lava lamps and made bubble paintings.

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term holiday and our ready to do lots more learning in Reception!

Our new topic is called ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and we have already worked really hard to plan and build our new role play areas in the classroom. Come and have a look at our castle and witch’s house.

We have read the story ‘The Knight and the Dragon’ and we have created word banks to describe and compare the characters.
We have thought about who might live in a castle and we have enjoyed dressing up as different characters. We have used big bricks to build castles in our playground. We can take on a role and make up simple narratives.
We have used information books to find out about castles. We have learnt lots of new words such as ‘moat’ and ‘drawbridge’.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year. We learnt all about Chinese people’s customs and traditions. Next we had a go at using chopsticks, writing our names in Chinese and making Chinese dragons. We had so much fun!

We have been measuring short periods of time using stopwatches and a timer on the interactive whiteboard. We tested how many jumps we could do in different lengths of time and recorded our results in a simple table.

We have been using positional language such as over, through, past, into, under, up and down whilst we have been retelling the story ‘Snail Trail’. We then went outside and built our own snail trails and obstacle resources using different resources. 

We were very interested in observing and describing our own snails and we talked about what they looked and felt like. 

We have begun finding number bonds to 10 and finding two numbers that when they are added together make a total of 10. Can you think of 2 numbers that make a total of 10? 

We have looked at described different woodland animals. We learnt that some animals have fur and birds’ bodies are covered with feathers. We used words, such as spiky, prickly, sharp, soft and fluffy to talk about forest animals. Once we learnt what they look like we went off to create our own animal collages. We thought of different materials and tools we could use. We also paid attention to colours we were going to choose to paint our woodland friends with.

We were looking and comparing the length of different sticks. Next, we had a go at ordering them starting from the shortest, medium-sized and finishing with the longest stick. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to measure and compare the length of our feet using unifix cubes. We recorded our results and analysed them by saying who had the shortest and longest foot. It was so much fun!

We have read “After the Storm” story and we decided to build houses for our woodland friends. We looked at information books to find out where forest animals live and what their houses look like. We used recyclable materials to build nests, burrows and tree hollows. We also used straw and soft fabric to make their homes cosy, snug and comfortable.

We have retold and acted out the story using big props to make different settings. We have thought of all the describing words the authors used and had a really good go at recalling them. We had so much fun that some of us decided to act it out during our play time outside with other friends.

We have also set up a feely tray with different settings from “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” story to touch and feel different textures. We thought of lots and lots of describing words, such as oozy, wet, spiky, prickly, dark, gloomy, etc. We had a really good go at speaking in full sentences too.

Welcome back!

We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas break. 

In Reception we have already started our learning. Our new topic is “In the Deep Dark Woods”. We have started off with reading one of our favourite stories “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” by Helen Oxenbury and Michael Rosen.

We have been learning about different celebrations and we know that people celebrate different things.

We have learnt about the Christmas story and found out about Christmas traditions.

We have put on a Christmas show called ‘Little Angel Gets Her Wings’ for our Parents/Carers. We have worked really hard to learn all the songs and actions for our show.

We have continued to explore and investigate using mirrors, shiny objects, coloured plastics and our overhead projector.  We have learnt about reflections and shadows using trial and error and thinking of and testing our own ideas.
We have made our own space rockets using a cone and a plastic bottle. We made simple predictions, made observations and used our knowledge of air to give simple explanations for what happened.
We have read stories about space and aliens and we have begun to think of our own story ideas – thinking about what? where? and who?
Watch out for our new space displays in the classrooms. We have been learning about space and the planets. Yesterday we got very sticky making papier mache balloon planets. We are now going to draw and create space collages and write labels for our display. 

Can you pretend you are an astronaut about to zoom off in your rocket? Can you count backwards from 20? 20 19 18 17 16 ……blast off! 

We went outside and used a range of materials including large cardboard boxes to plan and build our own space rockets. We were brilliant at working together and helping our friends with using the tools and media. We shared our ideas with each other and thought about how we could make our rockets even better.
We have enjoyed reading the story ‘Whatever Next’. We can recall the and describe the main events, characters and settings and we can sequence pictures to retell the story in the correct order. We then used props and puppets to retell and act out the story. 
We have also investigated with torches and mirrors in our dark den. We used different coloured transparent plastic sheets to change the colour of light. We came up with lots and lots of different ideas! It was so much fun to be  a scientist!
We have been talking about day and night. We looked at different pictures of daytime and night time and compared them. We also read information books about nocturnal animals, such as bats, foxes, owls and even rabbits.
Next, we had a go at making our own night time pictures using white and yellow pencils, silver foil and glitter.
Can you name 5 differences between day and night time?
Welcome back! Hope you have had a fantastic break.
We are back and already very busy. We started off with talking about different celebrations, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. We watched videos of different fireworks and we talked about their colours and sounds they make. Next, we performed our own fireworks dance. We thought of different ways fireworks move and we used our bodies to imitate them. We had so much fun!

   DSCN5387   DSCF2786

We also created our own fireworks paintings by splashing and dripping paint onto black paper. We loved trying new painting techniques.

DSCN5427 DSCN5414 DSCN5441

This week we talked about Diwali. We made our own Diva candles, Chapati bread and we had a go at creating our own Rangoli Patterns using water and powder paint.

DSCF2855 DSCF2869 DSCN5488

DSCN5517 DSCN0957 DSCN0950

Holiday Challenge – can you continue to explore and investigate your local area and see what other Autumn leaves and objects you can find? Do all the leaves look the same? Can you talk to a grown up about how they are the same or how they are different? Can you think of 5 different describing words? 

DSCF2625 DSCF2621 DSCF2613
We would like to say a big thank you to all the Mums and Dads who came with us on our Autumn walk. As we were walking we talked about our local area and places we have been to and places we recognised. We really enjoyed exploring as we collected leaves and Autumn objects and talked about the changes we could see in the world around us. 
DSCN5285 DSCF2611 DSCF2607 DSCF2600 DSCF2593
We have continued to learn about growing and change this week and we have planted cress seeds and grass seeds. We read and sequenced simple instructions and we then used our phonics to help us sound out words to write our own labels and instructions for planting a seed. 
 After reading the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ we had fun digging and exploring the mud in our outside area and used gardening tools and props to develop our role play. 

DSCN4991 DSCN5003 DSCN5004

We have also been talking about a healthy diet. We dressed up as doctors and nurses and helped our friends make healthy choices in order to make them feel better. We sorted out different food into healthy and unhealthy categories. We used words, such as vitamins, fat, sugar and salt when talking about healthy choices. Do you try to eat some healthy food every day?

DSCF2422 DSCF2427

We read and acted out “Handa’s Surprise” using animal masks and other props. We had a go at recalling the describing words of all the fruit from the story, e.g. a sweet smelling guava. We used words, such as first, next, then to sequence the events.  Can you recall the names of all the exotic fruit and animals from the story?

DSCN5070 DSCN5071

This week we decided to follow a simple recipe to make some fruit salad, using the fruit we had bought in North End Road Market. We talked about what equipment and ingredients we needed and we had to listen carefully to the instructions.  

DSCF2353 DSCF2343 DSCF2359

Afterwards, we had a go at writing our own fruit salad recipes. We sounded out simple words to write the tools and ingredients we needed. Some of us were challenged to write simple instructions. We were so proud of our writing!
Can you practise sounding out simple words at home with your grown-ups? Can you use the alphabet mats we gave to your parents and carers to help you write simple words?


This week we have been reading the story ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’. We have cut open different types of fruit to see how they are the same or different and we used magnifying glasses to look for seeds.
DSCF2246 DSCF2251 P1070537 P1070542
We have started to think about healthy and unhealthy food and we know that eating fruit is good for our bodies. We have been making the most of the sunny weather and using our bodies to use the climbing equipment. 

DSCF2280 DSCN4585 DSCN4645

Today we started our shopping trips to North End Road market. We would like to say a big thank you to the Parents/Carers who work on the market who kindly gave us some fresh fruit to bring back to school. 

DSCF2301 DSCF2310 DSCF2333

We went outside to measure and compare our feet using words, such as “shorter” and “longer”. We loved it so we decided to take some tape measures and measuring sticks to measure different items in our playground. It was so much fun!

Can you have a go at measuring and comparing feet with your grown-ups at home? Are they the same or are they different?

 DSCN4311 DSCN4312DSCN4317
We started the new week with “The Toys’ Party” story. We really enjoyed reading about Kipper’s silly recipe . We wrote the list of all the ingredients we needed to make the cake and had a go at making it using real props.

DSCN4219 DSCN4222

Well done to Reception. Lots of parents were saying that you really enjoyed the story and you were talking about it at home!

DSCN4135 DSCN4142
We have enjoyed getting messy this week using our senses, such as sight, touch and smell to explore different textured food such as jelly, mashed potato, spaghetti and cornflakes! We have been thinking about different describing words such as wet, crunchy, slimy and squishy to talk about and compare the food. 
We have enjoyed reading the story ‘The Toy’s Party’ and we have been thinking about the different characters in the story. 
We have been using our imaginations to make up our own recipes in our outside kitchen. 

DSCF1928 DSCF1931

We hope you enjoy the reading books we have sent home this week, maybe you can talk about the characters to an adult when you share your book. Don’t forget to bring back your book and reading record on Wednesday. 

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  1. Hello Reception!! Hope you all had a terrific half term. It went so quick. Where did yu go? What did you do? What did you see?Hope you all come back to school happily on Monday 5th of November 2012.See you all on Monday

  2. Dear Reception G and B

    You have been busy haven’t you? I am so glad that you enjoyed your visits to the Wetland Centre.

    I know that the ducks were very pleased that you went to see them.

    The bus driver was so pleased with how polite you were when you got on and off the bus. Did you have to wait long for the bus to arrive?
    I was very pleased that you had your rain coats on and some of you were wearing welly boots too….what a good idea! Perhaps when you go on your next trip the sun will be shining!

    I’ll pop in to your rooms and have a look at the frog work you have been doing.

    Mrs Hayward



  4. WOW! I love your work you have been trying to put loads of effort into your work paintings and history Well Dome Reception

  5. Hello Reception!

    I hope you are having a fun filled holiday……..Have you taken a photo of you reading in an exciting place yet to bring into school to share?

    Have fun!

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