Year 1


We found out who the new teacher was. She was a dragon! Look at the picture of the new teacher that we worked together to create.




We have been reading the book ‘Who’s Our New Teacher?’  We predicted who we thought the new teacher would be. We made models and pictures of  our ideas. We wrote describing words to label them too!


In maths we have been finding 1 more. We helped to find 1  more for each item in shopping lists and for potion recipes too!


We have been naming and labelling different parts of the human body. We drew around each other and then we labelled the outline of the body.


Welcome back to school!

We have been really busy in Year 1 already! Look at the super writing we have done about the BFG. We used the joining word ‘and’ in some of our sentences!





We have been writing numerals and spelling number words too. 










Thursday 19th May 2016

Hello Year 1,

I hope you have all enjoyed Arts week. We have been looking at artists from France called Henri Rousseau and Claude Monet. Year 1 went to the National Gallery this week and had the chance to see Rousseau’s ‘Surprised’ painting.

SAM_2892      SAM_2893     SAM_2900

We have recreated the Rousseau painting ‘surprised’. Have a look…


Monday 9th May 2016

I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather this weekend.

On Wednesday afternoon year 1 will be visiting St Albans to learn about Christianity. We will be going after lunch so the children will not need a packed lunch. Have a good week everyone!

From the Year 1 team


Tuesday 19th April

For our topic this half term we are looking at fantasy settings. For your homework can you bring in a book with a fantasy setting. Which is your favourite?

For the next couple of weeks we are looking closely at ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ and thinking about the setting and the characters. hope you all have a good week.

The year 1 team

Monday 8th March

We have had a very busy week last week with it being Science week and World book day. Thank you to all the parents who attended our Science opening morning and taking part in our experiments. SAM_2617.JPGSAM_2621.JPG

For world book day year 1 dressed up as their favourite book characters. We were visited by lots of different characters, including the Gruffalo, a Dalmatian and even Alice in Wonderland. Also thank you to Year 4 for joining us for some paired reading.

Monday 29th February

Welcome back to the second week of the half term. This week is Science week and we have lots of exciting experiments to carry out. Remember your home learning challenge is to make a bubble wand which we will be testing out on Friday with the whole school. On Wednesday we have a Science open morning where your parents are welcome to stay and join in with your Science lesson between 9 and 10am. Hope you all have a good week and hope to see your parents on Wednesday.

from the year 1 team


Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Welcome back year 1. Hope you all had a lovely half term. For our topic this half term we are writing poems inspired by using our five senses.  For your homework this week you need to find 3 things in your house that you can smell, touch, hear, taste and see.


Do you know how to spell all the number words from zero to twenty?

zero   one     two    three    four    five…

Extra Challenge: If you know how to spell all your number words to twenty, can you write the tens number words?

thirty         forty          fifty         sixty         seventy…

Have a lovely week

From the year 1 team

Monday 18th January 2016

Last week was poetry week. we looked at lots of different styles of poems and even wrote an acrostic winter poem. We created our own class poem and practised reciting it with some action. have a look at our video below. hope you enjoy it!

Monday 11th January

Welcome back year 1. Hope you had a good break and a happy new year! For this half term our new topic is traditional tales. For your homework can you bring in a traditional tale book either from home or the library. Who is your favourite character?

Have a good week!

year 1 team

Thursday 17th November

Year 1 have had a lovely week making things for their Christmas fair. We made calendars. We also made some delicious biscuits to take home. Only 8 more days until Christmas! hope you have an amazing Christmas break and we will see you back on January 5th.

This week a British astronaut Tim Peake went to the International Space Station. Your homework over Christmas is to think of some questions which we can send to him.

Happy holidays!

Year 1 team

Monday 30th November 2015

Hello Year 1

Thank you to those parents who came to our Maths open Morning and joined in with the Maths competition. Only 3 more weeks left until the Christmas holidays! We have lots of exciting things coming up. Please remember to keep up with your reading and your homework.

Have a good week

From the Year 1 team

Monday 9th November 2015

Hello Year 1

This half term our topic is London. Today we had a great trip out to visit Southbank. We had a good time walking along their and spotted lots of famous Landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben, St Pauls Cathedral and the Shard.


Your homework this week is just to practice writing the letter C.

Enjoy your week.

From the Year One Team.

Monday 19th October 2015

Hello year 1

This week is been Black History week and year 1 have been looking and talking lots about Usain Bolt and his achievements. Your homework challenge for half term is to find out as many interesting facts about Usain Bolt and make a fact file about him. This can be presented as a poster, leaflet or a booklet.

Please ensure the information is presented neatly as this will be displayed at our exhibition after half term.

Hope you all have a lovely half term

from Year 1 team

Monday 12th October 2015

At the end of last week year 1 had a chance to do some investigating outside and looked at how the seasons are changing. We noticed there were lots more leaves on the ground that had turned red, brown and yellow. We didn’t find many animals as it is getting colder outside.SAM_1830


Year 1 Homework


Can you count in 2s up to 20? Please say it out loud to a grown up. 2     4     6   ……… Can you count in 10s to 100? Remember to say it out loud to a grown up.

10   20   30   40 …………..

If you can do this your challenge is to practice counting backwards in 10s from any two digit number.


Please learn to read and spell these words. Use look, cover, write and check. Keep practicing your words and see if you can write them without needing to look at them. Write a sentence for each word.

with               going            children            school          how

Monday 5th October 2015

Hello year 1,

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at and discussing weight in Maths. We have been comparing lighter and heavier objects. Here is us in action:


This week homework is Maths.

Do you know all the pairs of numbers that make 10 altogether, e.g.  6 + 4 = 10.

If you need to you could use your fingers to help you.


Please learn to read and spell these words. Use look, cover, write and check. Keep practicing your words and see if you can write them without needing to look at them.

home                   next                   just                      from                         back

Friday 11th September 2015

Hello Year 1,

Welcome back to school. Hope you all had a lovely break. What an amazing start to year we have had and have started so much learning. Year 1’s topic for this half term is ‘incredible me’ where we will be learning about ourselves and our families.

Your homework this week is to bring in a photograph of your mum, dad, granddad and/or grandma when they were little. Talk to a grown-up about what is was like a long time ago. (Please put your name on the photo). Can you find out:

What toys did they play with?

What clothes did they wear?

What else can you find out about the past?

Thursday 2nd June 2015

Hello year 1! What a hot week it has been! Well done for being super sensible and still doing fantastic learning. We have also been rehearsing this week for our extravaganza to show our parents and carers our beautiful singing and our excited new songs we have been learning. A little reminder to parents about parent consolations next week on Tuesday 7th. please sign up for a time slot on the sheet which you can find on the classroom door.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the weather while it lasts!

From the year 1 team

Thursday 25th June 2015
Hello year 1! What a busy week we have had with our trips to the London Aquarium! We saw sharks, sting ray, fish, crocodiles and penguins! Now we have lots of ideas for our fantasy stories and we are looking forward to reading them once they are finished.  We also found out lots of different information.
Did you know that 70 million sharks are killed each year?
Did you know that sharks existed before dinosaurs?
Did you know that lion fish are the most poisonous fish in the world?
Did you know that jelly fish have no brain?
Did you that star fish have two stomachs?



Thursday 18th June 2015
Hello everyone!
What a fantastic International Evening we had! We ate food from around the world, had flags on our faces painted with face paint and wore traditional clothes from different countries . We also all had fun together playing different games (splatting the teachers with soaking wet sponges!) and jumping on the bouncy castle.  Well done to all those children who sang or performed on stage! You are very brave. A huge thank you to everybody who helped our school and made it such a success!
We are very excited that we are going to be writing our super fantasy setting stories next week.  Maybe you can share your story with somebody in your family or a friend by retelling it verbally!
Also just a reminder that next week we are going on a trip to the London Aquarium.  You will need a packed lunch for the day out.  1L are going on Wednesday 24th June 2015 and 1B on Thursday 26th June 2015.
See you next week,
The Year 1 Team

Thursday 11th June 2015

Hello. I hope everyone is looking forward to international day this evening! Thank you to the children who came in their international themed outfits. Just a quick reminder that it is inset day tomorrow.

This week we have been looking at our new materials topic in Science. We have been looking and sorting lots of different materials and using our Science words to describe them.  It would be lovely if you can find even more materials at home and teach your grown ups the property words to describe them.

The key words for homework are story words to help write our own fantasy stories:

suddenly        because            prince                pirate           mermaid           again              after

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!

from year 1 team

Thursday 4th June 2015

Hello to our Creative Year 1!
It has been our Around the World Creative Arts Week. What a week it has been! We have been so busy painting, drawing, sculpting, printing and creating music. We have even been learning Circus Performance skills!
We have been focusing on France in Year 1.  We used atlases to look at the French flag and to create decorations for International Evening.  We painted blue, white and red stripes to make bunting. We looked closely at a painting called ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’ or ‘Surpris!’.  We used our imagination to think about what was happening in the painting. Then we used printing to create our own leaves for a painting.


This week Year 1 visited different art galleries to learn about the artwork of a range of artists. 1L looked closely at paintings by Claude Monet. 1B looked for artwork with children and weather as a theme.  We looked carefully at the art techniques of these artists and used these in our own artwork.  For example 1B moulded sculptures of Henry Moore’s ‘Family Group’ piece. We used clay and our hands to create rounded and tall shapes.



We also had a visitor from the London College of Music, who taught us about reggae music and the off-beat. He played his guitar and we listened to reggae pieces of music.  We used drums to play the pulse and the off-beat.
Wow, I think there are many budding artists and performers in Year 1! Well done.
See you next week.
The Year 1 Team

Thursday 14th May 2015

Hello Year 1!

We have just started a new topic! Our new topic is Fantasy Worlds.  We will be writing our own stories set in Fantasy and Imaginary Worlds.  We are already very excited!  Remember when you are at home or at the library to be collecting Fantasy World setting and character ideas such as:

Under The Sea       Desert        Castle in the Sky         Snow World     Jungle/Rainforest
Wizard                 Pirate               Mermaid                     Fairy              Ice Queen

What might a character do? What might happen in this setting? Tell a grown up your ideas.

Your homework this week is to find a story book set in a Fantasy World setting and bring it in to share with your friends in class. We look forward to reading your stories!

Exciting news! We have been learning about the parts of a church building and what they are used for in Religious Education. Next week we are going on a school trip to St Albans Church to see the font, the altar and the stained glass windows.

1B Monday 18th May 2015
1L Tuesday 19th May 2015

See you next week
Year 1 Team

Thursday 19th March 2015

We have been learning about halves and quarters this week! We have been sharing out gold coins, pizza and investigating odd and even numbers! Odd Bob and Even Steven have been eating lots of numbers!
For the homework this week, you will need to use your maths thinking about halves and doubles to solve the problem.


Annie                 Sara                Ravi                    Lee

4            5            8           10           6

Which badge belongs to which child? Use these clues to help you.

Ravi is the oldest.                                           Sara is the youngest.

Annie is half the age of Ravi.                          Lee is double the age of Sara.

* You have one badge left over. Ella is half the age of this badge. Draw a birthday badge for Ella.

Tomorrow we are really excited because there is going to be a Solar Eclipse in the United Kingdom! This means that the Moon will pass between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon will fully or partly block the sun.
Here are is a website to find out more Science knowledge.  Please be safe whilst making observations of the eclipse.  The Sun can damage your eyes – do not look directly at the Sun. Here is some more information for your parents/carers about safely about watching a Solar Eclipse safely.

Friday 13th March 2015

Today is Red Nose Day! Well done for joining in by dressing up, wearing funny noses and having your face painted to look as silly as you can! We all contributed to raising money to help change people’s lives around the world. Thank you!
This week we had a visitor come in to do some Science workshops with Year 1.  We learnt about weather, seasons and living and non-living things.  We played games, sang songs and sorted pictures. We learnt some interesting facts about apples, pumpkins and plants.  We also have learnt that living things need air, water and food.  Have a look at our photographs!

SAM_0825              SAM_0841

Thursday 5th March 2015

What a busy week! We have had Science week and also today is World Book Day. We have had an egg-tastic week doing lots of investigations using eggs. Well done for bringing in your parachute, we had 210 in total. WOW! We look forward to our parachute competition tomorrow. This week we have had some visitors to our classroom… baby chicks! We used our observational skills to look closely at them.


We had some fantastic characters turn up for school today. Year 4 came to pair read with Year 1 which was great fun. We also had a Stop Sit Read assembly where we chose a book to take with us to read.


Friday 13th February 2015

Today 1L learnt about food hygiene and cooking. We made mini pizzas, fruit salad and decorated biscuits. We then had a picnic which was so much fun!

IMG_0330 IMG_0333 IMG_0358IMG_0356

Thursday 12th February 2015
Hello everybody!
We have had a great week this week because we had an amazing drama workshop! We had to act as different characters in a jungle story.  We jumped in our imaginary jeep and drove deep into the jungle to help rescue Blaze the cat.
During the holidays your homework is to practise your counting and mental maths facts because we do this everyday in Year 1, so you need to keep this up in the holidays.

  • Write numbers from 0 to 100
  • Count up and back to 100
  • Count in 2s, 5s, 10s (extra challenge: in 3s)
  • 1 more and 1 less than any number to 100
  • Read and write number words up to 20 .e.g one, two…
  • Practise number bonds to 10, 20 and 100
  • Practise number doubles and halves

We hope everybody has an amazing time at our school disco!
We also wish you a safe and happy half term holiday. We look forward to seeing you ready for more learning on 23rd February 2015!
From the Year 1 Team

Friday 30th January 2015
Hello Year 1!
This week your homework is Problem Solving Maths. Work with your grown up in a system to find out all the different totals you can make e.g. 2+4 = 6. What other totals can you make than 6?
Thank you for coming to help Year 1 with their writing this week! We had a lot of fun and loved having you in our classes.
Remember that our school disco is on the 12th February 2015, we hope to see you there!
See you next week.
The Year 1 Team

Friday 9th January 2015

Hello year 1! Happy new year. What a great start to the year we have had. Our new Topic is Once Upon a Time… all about traditional tales. We will be writing our own traditional tale. Have a look at our new working walls:

Working Wall 1B

Working wall 1L

Our homework for this week is to bring in your favourite traditional tale story book. you can find the book either at home or have a look in your local library. Can’t wait to see all your amazing story books!

Thursday 4th December 2014

Hello Year 1!
What a great week we have had learning about subtraction and have been doing independent writing about our trip to London as a recount. The grown ups in Year 1 are very proud of the sentences, connectives and time words you are using!

London Topic

We have been learning about the famous landmarks in our city of London and even saw some of these on our trip. Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament, River Thames.
tower bridge Tower Bridgegherkin Gherkin
walkie talkie WalkieTalkie
shard Shard

Your homework is to make a 3D model of your favourite landmark. You can use old cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, paint and other bits and bobs around the house to construct your landmark.  Talk about the shapes and describe the landmark. This is a two week project. Bring it in on Tuesday 16th December 2014.

Remember we are lucky because the Cinderella Pantomime is coming to our school on Monday the 15th December 2014!
Until next week,
The Year 1 Team

Thursday 27th November 2014

Hello Year 1!
We have been enjoying our learning about poems this week! We have been matching words by how they sound at the end. Can you play this game by stopping the rockets that rhyme with your target word?

Next week we will be learning about 2D flat shapes.  When you are going for a walk or in your house looking at books, can you find any triangles, circles, squares or rectangles?
circle                 circle

rectangle rectangle



Maybe you can play these 2d shape games.

See you next time!
The Year 1 Team

Friday 21st November 2014

Hello Year 1!
What a busy week we have had! We had such a wonderful time on our trip and well done for behaving so sensibly. We hope you relax this weekend, ready for lots of learning next week!

This week we have been learning about doubles of numbers to 10. Perhaps you can play this game to check you know these.

Maybe you can challenge yourself to use near doubles to play this game.

Use these numbers to make subtraction number sentences.
1      4      2      8

Challenge yourself with these numbers.
21      4     2     17

Pick two numbers write a subtraction number sentence to show how many are left e.g. 21 – 4 =
Keep going, how many different number sentences can you make? Did you find all the different ways? How do you know?

See you on Monday,
From the Year 1 Team

Friday 14th November 2014

Welcome to Year 1 with Hannah and Sophie!

This half term our new topic is London and the River Thames!
To start our topic off with a bang, we are going on a school trip up to London.  I wonder what wonderful things we will see? Can you name these famous landmarks?

london eye    big ben       westminster abbey

london aquarium        st pauls catherdral

Remember to bring your packed lunch (no fizzy drink, no nuts or no sweets). Also do not forget a waterproof coat and comfy shoes because we are going for a walk!

Our new topic is a geography topic.  Here is a helpful website that you can use to learn more information.

We are also learning about rhyming words. Can you play this game?

This week’s homework is:

We have been learning our number doubles in class.  Can you learn your number doubles to double 5 for example 2+2=4.
Your extra challenge is to learn your number doubles to double 10.  Can you write this as a number sentence?

Do not forget….your keywords need to be in a sentence!

Bye for now!
From The Year 1 Team



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