Year 4

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Year 4

Homework 22.9.17

This week’s spellings are words that have the prefix of in-. Use one of the methods that you have been shown in class to learn them.



In Maths this week we have been using our place value skills to round numbers to tens, hundreds and thousands. If you want some help check out this guide- click on it for a link for further help

rounding .jpg




Homework 15.9.17

Learn these words:


Then practice your 2,5 and 10 times tables in order to progress on in out Maths Olympics.,

You also need to create a fact sheet poster, giving 5 facts about the Romans in Britain. If you don’t have access to the internet at home then visit the local library which has lots of books about the Romans. You have two weeks to complete this poster

Welcome to Year 4 2017-2018

All too soon summer is over and another group of children have moved up to year 4. It has been a busy start to the year and already the children are busy working on their maths, writing and science. This term we are looking at the Ancient Romans as our history topic and in science are studying animals including humans. In this science topic, we will be looking at the digestive system and teeth.

We are lucky to be taking part in the MEND programme again. It is an excellent programme aimed at improving children’s health through exercise and nutrition.

PE will be a Monday (Swimming)  and Wednesday where they will be required to bring in their PE kit (or swimming kit). They will also need their PE kit for MEND on Thursday. .

Mrs Thompson and Miss Wilson.

Homework 21.4.17

This week we are looking at the spelling rule of  ‘ i before e except after c”

This rule applies to words where the sound after the letter c is an ‘ee’ sound (as in the word see). Examples of this are:


To find out more about this spelling rule check out this website which will give you a list of words it applies to.


For science this week we have been looking at classifying animals using a branching database. We looked at animals that could be found on Wimbledon common. Can you find any other animals that live wild in London? Don’t include the Lions and Tigers in London Zoo as they are not native to the Untied Kingdom – and hopefully not wondering around our streets and parks!

Grammar help. or  Grammar, help!

Which of these two sentences do you think you are? If you find it tricky working out which word is which in a sentence try using this handy tool which will help you spot the nouns, adjectives, verbs etc.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 07.51.58

Spring Break

Over the break we would like you all to concentrate on reading every day and learning your times tables. Use your log to record all the days that you have read and which times tables you have practised. By the end of this year you should all be able to recall all of your times tables up to 12×12.

Homework 24.3.17

To help improve our spelling we are going to be concentrating on spelling patterns and rules. To start off this week we are looking at contractions. We use these when we combine two words into one using an apostrophe. Using the list of words below can you make them into contractions.

should not (eg shouldn’t)
could not
have not
did not
it is
can not
I will
it has
she has
they will


Homework (4T) 17.3.17

Following on from the trip that we made to the Royal Albert hall, this week I would like you to write a recount of your trip. You may want to include some information about the Royal Albert Hall. You can find out more here at this link.

Royal Albert Hall information


Homework 3.3.17

Spellings: Write out three times in the school’s handwriting. The first 7 are the ‘Mrs Grens’ which are the characteristics of all living organisms. Write a description of what each one means.  Practice your 7, 8 and 9 times tables


Homework 24.2.17

Spellings: Write out three times in the school’s handwriting. Choose five and write out the meaning of those words. Find out facts about pollution in the oceans for our UN task.  Practice your 7, 8 and 9 times tables



Well its been another busy week in year 4. We have been writing letters in the style of the book ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’ and this has made us all think a lot more about how we treat our stationary!

For homework this week we are going to carry on looking at words that use prefixes and suffixes. You will need to create words using prefixes and suffixes. Whoose a minimum of 6 root words change. And example os shown below.

happy = happiness unhappy happily

In RE we have been studying Judaism and this wee we looked at Kosher food. For your homework create a menu for a party that would have kosher food. Maybe you could even try making something  yourself. Follow this link to find out how to make Latke and Donuts.

Latke and donut recipe

Spring Term 2017

Welcome back year 4, hope you have all had a relaxing holiday and have recharged your batteries.

Well its already Spring term, how did last term go by so quickly? We have a lot of great learning lined up for the next 10 weeks. In Science we are starting off with looking at states of matter and will then look at Animals, Plants and their habitats. We will also be looking at geography this term and will be doing a lot of atlas work, making sure we are familiar with all the major features of the earth such as continents, the oceans and the countries that make up Europe.  In addition to this we will also look at rivers and the water cycle. We will continue with swimming until half term so keep bringing in those swimming suits!

This week.

This week we were sad to have our final MEND session with Dev and Fiona. All this term we have been looking at how to be healthy through our diets and physical activity. As a special treat Fiona brought in a Christmas tree made out of fruit and vegetables and we were all given the chance to try some – it was delicious!img_0414

9.12.16 Homework

For this weeks homework you need to learn these spellings.


You will need to write them out in the school’s handwriting adn then choose 5 to write out the meaning of them.

You sould also practice your 9 times tables and learn your Roman numerals up to 50.

25.11.16 Homework

In science we are looking at electricity. This week we would like you to find out what the word conductor means. Then look around your house – can you find any conductors. Make a list of the materials that you think would make good conductors.

For maths – Find 5 items that are for sale in your supermarket, in a catalogue or online. Make a note of the price and convert them from pound to pence. Then explain which two items would be the cheapest together and explain why.



Write these out three times in the school handwriting.

18.11.16 Homework

Complete the maths sums that we have been given on converting fractions to decimals. You may find this website helpful:

For spelling we would like you to find as many homophones as you can and then write them in a sentence using them correctly.

We have started a new topic of Electricity in science. How many things can you find this weekend that use electricity.

Parent’s evening

Year 4 parents evening is on Wednesday the 12th October. If you haven’t already booked a time slot with myself or Miss Hills then please do so. You can always call the office and they can help you make an appointment,


In Friday the invitations fro years 3 and 4 to go to Marchants Hill PGL were sent out. It is in excellent opportunity for you to really challenge yourself with all the activities there. Places are available  on a first come basis so if you want to join us this year then make sure you get your deposit in to Janet in the office. Please note that the deposits are non-refundable.

If you want to know more about Marchants hill click here to see their website.

Marchants Hill – Surrey

Homework 7.10.16

Spellings: Write out three times in the school’s handwriting. Choose five and write out the meaning of those words. Learn the Roman Numerals up to 20 (these are in your reading record). Practice your 7 times tables.

If you want to learn even more about Roman Numerals this is an excellent website for you to visit.




This week in MEND the nutrition challenge set for you is to try a new fruit or vegetable (Why not try both!). For your energy challenge you need to try not to use a lift, use stairs whenever you can.

Homework 30.9.16

Next weekend it is a special day for the local community in that there is an Autumn Market in North End Road. We have been given the opportunity to sell bags at the market so  this weekend we would like you to design a bag for North End Road Market. These will then be available for purchase on the day. You can be as creative as you wish but you must make sure that the bags all say “North End Road Market’ on them.

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 18.05.31.png

Homework 23.9.16

This weeks spelling are:


Choose 5 of them and write out the meaning of the word. Make sure you use your best handwriting.

For maths this week we would like you to write out the numbers that you have been given as words. If you want to find out more about numbers as words check out this website.

Homework 16.9.16

Most of the spellings that you will get for homework are from the statutory list of spellings that you need to know by the end of year 4. You will find a complete list of them in your reading record. This weeks spellings you will need to write out three times in the school’s handwriting. Then choose five and write out the meaning of those words. You will also need to complete the maths task. By the end of this year you will also be expected to know all of your times tables off by heart. At the moment we are focusing on our 6 times tables. Make some over the weekend to practice these.


Welcome to year 4  –  Class of 2016-2017

A big welcome back to all our new children in year 4. We have had a really good first week and all our children have come back to school eager to learn. We have got lots of exciting things that we will be doing this year and know you will all enjoy our topics.

This term we will be studying the Romans in our History Topic, and we will also be looking at Animals and Humans with regards to their nutrition and digestive systems in our Science topic. We are also very luck to take part in the MEND programme which is aimed at helping children have healthy lifestyles. You can find out more about them on their website by clicking MEND.

We have also heard that we will be taking part in the LAMDA programme this term which is an amazing opportunity for the children to improve their speaking and performing skills.

Important days of the week to remember

Homework – given on a Friday, needs to be returned on a Tuesday
PE – Every Monday and Thursday
Reading – to be done every day, your reading record must be signed by an adult.

For PE this term we will be visiting Fulham pools once a week for swimming lessons. You will need to make sure that you bring in a swimming costume, swimming hat (available to purchase from the office) and a towel. For our other PE session you will need to wear the school PE kit – dark tracksuit bottoms or short, a white T-shirt (no patterns on it) and a pair or trainers.

Homework will usually be some spellings and another activity such as maths. The expectation is that you must complete all the homework you are given. You may of course ask for help from another person but you are expected to do the work yourself!

Reading every day is a whole school expectation. It is something that will help you with your learning in school. You might want to try reading a newspaper, magazine article or even a recipe as well as a range of fiction and non-fiction books. If you get stuck for something to read try visiting the local library – Fulham library has a great children’s section and it’s free to join. You can even start the registration process online to save you time – click here for the online form.

We both know that this is going to be a great year and we are really looking forward to all the amazing work that you will do.

Mrs Thompson and Miss Hills

Homework 9.9.16

Homework this week is to learn the days of the week and months of the year. Not only do you need to know how to spell them , but also what order they are in and how many days in each month.

You also have a few maths questions based on place value. Why not try some of the place value games to help you. Click on the image below.


3 July -8 July 2016

Year four have had a fantastic week this week. We have been praised for our singing after many long hours of practising, performed creative and entertaining plays and engaged in outdoor learning in the sunshine! Things are starting to speed up as we approach the end of the school year. Next week we have many exciting things happening so make sure to check the newsletter for dates.

Here is the link to the homework this week. Please complete in your homework books.

Homework 8.07.2016

Please check your consultation slip to make sure you are aware of the time you have made to meet with us.

Have a lovely weekend.

27 June – 1 July 2016

Despite the poor weather, we have still managed to have an action-packed week.

It was (sadly) our last session with Emily and on Wednesday we visited the Earl’s Court Project Rooms. We saw our poems and collages of Normand Park as they had been placed in an exhibition in one of the rooms.

In addition to this, we started planning travel brochures for Egypt. We have used our knowledge of Ancient Egypt and laptops to gather information.

This week, we are asking you to learn homophones and to memorise Roman numerals for homework. Due to Tuesday’s strike, we expect this to be returned on Wednesday to a very high standard. Here is the link Homework 1.07.2016

20-24 June 2016

Whilst the country has been debating about whether Britain, Year 4 have been having a debate of our own – was there a curse of Tutankhamun or not?

Each table chose a side and, using sources for evidence, developed their argument to justify their opinion. On Wednesday, we had our BIG DEBATE and  due their fantastic persuasion techniques, the against side won.

In Maths, we moved through division and on to fractions. Using skittles, we converted between fractions and decimals and by the end of the lesson we could do this with ease. We have asked you to recreate a similar task at home this weekend.

Here is a link to this week’s homework Homework 24.06.2016

Have a fantastic weekend!

13-16 June 2016

It might have been a four day week but it has been jam-packed with learning. We continued our development in cricket with Mason and we can now all successfully hit a ball that has been bowled at us.

In addition to this, we have been looking at sources in History and we have compared the life of an Ancient Egyptian farmer to that of a Pharaoh. Would you have rather been a farmer or Pharaoh in Ancient Egyptian times?

In this week’s homework, we would like you to focus on your response marking and times tables. We can’t stress how vital these are in all areas of our mathematics learning. Here it is Homework 16.06.2016

Have a lovely long weekend!

 6-10 June 2016

We have now updated the blog with the correct homework. Please see the link below. Apologies for any inconvenience.

We have had a fantastic week back after the half-term holidays. This week finished with a bang with the Queen’s birthday party in the playground. We had a beautiful picnic, danced the conga line, played musical statues and sung happy birthday to the Queen. Thank you for bringing in lots of delicious treats to share with the class.

Here is the link to this week’s homework Homework 10.06.2016. Please note that if you are having difficulties with online access we are more than happy to print paper homework. Most children are very eager to access the blog every week and we would love to continue to deliver homework in this way.

Have a lovely weekend.

16-29 May 2016

It’s been all about Japan in Year 4 this week.  To celebrate Arts week we have been looking at Japanese culture and famous artists from the country.

Firstly, we explored origami by making our own paper hearts, tadpoles, cats and more. We then moved on to making paper Geisha dolls. We were experts by the end!

In addition to this, we looked at the famous painter Hokusai’s work. We recreated his popular piece ‘The Great Wave’ using sketching and then painting it with block colours. They have turned out beautifully.

In English, we learnt all about Haikus and wrote our own poems about the great Samurai warriors. This made us very excited to see the Samurai armour at the British Museum today.

This week for homework we would like you to:

Learn spellings where ch sounds like a k: scheme, chorus, chemist, echo, character, charismatic, chemistry, chaos, anchor monarch.

Learn times tables up to 12×12 for a test next week.

Draw your favourite picture or statue that we saw at the British Museum today.

 9-13 May 2016

As per usual, it’s been another busy week in Year 4. We went out on a local walk with Emily to discover all about Fulham. In two weeks time, we will be venturing out again to explore the Earls Court development.

The link to this week’s homework can be found here: Homework 13.05.2016

As an extra task, can you learn your multiples of 8 (counting up and down). Let’s see if we can beat our time of 37 seconds.

Have a lovely weekend!

2-6 May 2016

We have been really lucky this week. Emily, who works for Hammersmith and Fulham, came into both Year 4 classes and taught us about our local environment. This is part of the Urban Studies Project which will be running for the next six weeks. We completed puzzles of local landmarks and looked at the timeline of Fulham’s urban development.

This week’s homework is linked to our new topic Ancient Egypt and our new Science topic Sound. Here is a link Homework 04 05 16

Remember, homework is due in on Tuesdays and PE kits need to be brought in on Monday and Tuesday.

18-22 April 2016

It’s been an extremely busy week in Year 4. We have packed in lots of learning in all subjects.

In English we developed and performed our own play scripts! We imagined that we were the different characters from Harry Potter and created lines based on what we thought they would say. They were fantastic! Each group shared their performances with the class and some children were brave enough to perform them to upper school assembly. They made us very proud!


In Maths we have been comparing and classifying shape. Can you create a Venn diagram for your parents and see if they can place a shape in each section?

Your homework this week is here Homework 22 4 16 Please come to school on Monday feeling confident with time and ready for some new learning.

Additionally, Scott, our music teacher, has asked that you learn the lyrics to Please Miss by next week’s lesson. Follow this link Please Miss to access them.

11-15 April 2016

Welcome back for our last full term of year 4! We have had a wonderful and productive start to Summer term.

The link to this weeks homework is her. Click the link to find it. Homework 15 4 16. Please complete ALL homework in your homework book. Please check your reading record books for your new targets for reading. Focus on these targets every time you are reading!

This week, we have been focusing on measurement in mathematics. Have a look at all the liquids in your house? What is the capacity? Are they measured in ml or litres?

Peer tutoring

In English, we have written some great letters convincing the Sorting Hat to put us in our preferred house. We even had a go at writing our own sorting hat poem!

Four students in 40 travelled to Chelsea Football Club this Wednesday as a reward for their fantastic presentation on inclusion and diversity. Brandy, Alfie, Arian and  Brandy were selected for their presentation on how everyone should be included no matter where they come from, what they look like, or what gender they are. They had a great time on their stadium tour. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities for other students to visit CFC!


Have a great weekend,

Miss Farrar and Miss O’Neil

Easter Holidays

Miss Farrar and Miss O’Neil would just like to say a huge well done to all of Year 4. You have worked so hard this Spring term and all of your work is paying off.

Here is a link to this week’s homework 24 3 16.doc

We hope you enjoy your break and come back to school on the 11th April ready for some new and exciting learning.

22 March – River Thames trip

What an incredible day we have had! Not only have Year 4 been lucky enough to visit Greenwich and the Cutty Sark, we also rode down the river Thames on the Thames Clipper.

Look how excited we were as the boat left Embankment ready to glide along the river.

As we floated along, we spotted some incredibly famous landmarks. How many can you name?

After an exhilarating journey, we arrived at Greenwich to be amazed by the Cutty Sark. Having been blessed by the weather, we walked leisurely to Greenwich park and ate our lunch with an incredible view of the river.

We returned to school at 2.30pm full of stories to share with the rest of the school and ready for a rest after our busy day.

14-18 March

Year 4 were very enthused to be reunited this week!

We packed in lots of learning about fractions in Maths and made sure that everybody was up to date with our class book Harry Potter. After lots of anticipation we finally met Ron Weasley and Harry reached Hogwarts for the very first time. It was great fun imagining what it would be like to be Harry as he saw the vast castle for the first time in our diary entries. Ask your children what they imagined when they read through the chapter.

In anticipation of our trip next week, we spent our Topic lesson comparing the Thames in the past and present day. From sources we discovered that the river is a lot cleaner now than it used to be although it is perhaps a little less fun. Did you know that the Thames used to freeze over and Londonders used to have great fun skating over it?

Here we are learning all about human impact on different habitats. Why don’t you tell your parents all about it? See if they have any more solutions to the damage that is currently happening to our Earth.

Follow the link for this week’s homework. homework 18 3 2016

Enjoy your weekend!

7-11 March

This week we bring you news about Year 4 from two different locations. Whilst most of us were working away in class, a few others were in Surrey at PGL. Both parties had extremely exciting weeks.

Have you ever held a frog before? Well, some Year 4s were lucky enough to do just that when Wild Science paid SJL a visit. We were even brave enough to touch a snake!

Whilst all this was happening at school, the children at PGL were being just as brave. We abseiled, tackled a challenging obstacle course and trusted each other to guide us when blindfolded.

Both groups of children are so excited to share their weeks with the rest of Year 4 as well as the teambuilding skills that we have developed during our time away.

Science Week

We have had the most fantastic week in Year 4! Not only was it science week, it was also World Book Day on Thursday too.

Have a look at the pictures below showing our fun packed week.

We loved inviting parents into our classroom for Science open morning. They helped us predict which substances would react with each other. Did you know that if you mix coca cola and alka seltzer you create a chemical reaction? If you don’t believe us then try it out for yourselves!

22-26 February

It’s only one week into the new half term but already Year 4 have managed to cram in lots of exciting activities.

In English, we have started our new book Harry Potter. So far we have read the first two chapters; meeting Dumbledore, Harry, Hagrid and the Dursleys. We have written excellent character descriptions, including our own character creations.

In  Topic we discussed the longest rivers in the UK. Using an atlas, we located The Thames, The Severn and many more on a map. Here we are being testing our Geography skills.

Remember next week is Science week so we need you to bring in some bottles. We look forward to seeing your creations!

8-12 February

We had a very busy  last week in Year 4. 4O made their trip to the National Gallery and enjoyed seeing the paintings we have looked at in class.

We mixed Science and English this week by writing a diary entry of a water particle as it moves through the water cycle. We used key words such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Can you explain what they mean to your parents?

Next half term, our topic is rivers. Your task over the holidays is to find out some interesting facts. What is the longest river in the world?

We also have an exciting new book to read after half term. We wonder if you can guess what it is.

1-5 February

It’s been an exciting week in Year 4. From working with Chelsea football club to visiting the National Gallery, we have experienced a range of learning opportunities.

4F visited the National Gallery early this morning. It was fantastic to be able to see the real paintings that we have been looking at in class. Popular favourites were The Bathers at Asnieres by Georges Seurat, Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh and Waterlillies by Monet. What a great experience!


This week we would like you to learn your 7 times tables. Additionally, practice counting in your multiples of 3 and 4. Can you count forwards and backwards? Can you count into negative numbers? Try starting on an odd number and counting in 4s. Is it more difficult?

As we have been learning about addition this week, we have suggested that you have a go on the websites below. Can you show off all we have learnt?

17-22 January

Wow! What a busy week we have had in Year 4.

We started our brand new English book: The Day the Crayons Quit. It’s safe to say we LOVE it. Our favourite letter was Peach crayon’s who had to come to school with no clothes on. Poor Peach crayon.

In Maths we have had a very tricky week tackling place value. However we used our new skill perseverance and by the end of the week, we were all feeling much more confident rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Well done!

9-15 November

Our homework this week is to learn the spelling words below:











Additionally, you need to learn 80-90 Roman numerals.

This week, we asked you to create a paragraph explaining all that we have learnt about Remembrance Day.

Remember – homework is due on a Tuesday!

12-16 October

We have had another busy week in Year 4.

In English, we have based our writing around Dum Spiro, the brave yet clumsy Roman soldier. How close were you with your ending prediction?

We have been learning lots of new sentence types including fronted adverbials and adjectival phrases. Have a go at writing one or both in your homework this week to really show off what you have learnt.

In Maths we have moved on to multiplication including the distributive law. Have a go at completing the equation below.

29 x 5 = 20 x 5 +

This week’s homework is the following 10 spellings from the Year 3 and 4 list. Additionally, we expect you to learn 50-60 Roman numerals and your 7 times tables. We will be testing you on these next week.

Don’t forget to complete your handwriting sheet to ensure you are following the school handwriting policy.

Check out this week’s spelling words below:











5-9 October

We have had a very hands on week in Year 4!

In Science we put all of our learning into practice by creating models of the digestive system. We looked at a range of materials and chose the best for the different body parts. We made sure we justified our opinion. For example Gobind and George chose to use the balloon because the stomach is a round shape and so is the balloon.

Here we are making them after choosing the right materials for the job.

digestive system 1 digestive system 2 digestive system3

And the finished result? Have a look at one of our fantastic creations below.

digestive system 5

Why don’t you tell your parents all about your creation and why you chose the materials you did?

In addition to our experimental Science lesson, we have been continuing with measurement in Maths. We have been converting measures from mm to cm, cm to m, m to km and vice versa. It has been tricky but we have used a place value chart to help us.

Have a go at answering the true or false question below.

When we convert a measure, the distance changes. True or false?

28th September – 2nd October

4F and 4G have been busy learning about non-chronological reports this week. We combined English and Science to create a report about The Human Body. We gathered lots of information about teeth, the digestive system and the skeleton. Why don’t you share the information you put into your did you know box with your parents?

In Maths we have moved onto measurements. We did an investigation this week to see how tall we are and how long our limbs are. We compared them and discovered that one of our legs was longer than the other! Here we are measuring each other.

photo 1 photo 2

This week, we are learning the next 10 spellings from our list:











Additionally, we are learning our 31-40 Roman Numerals for our test next week.

21-25 September 2015

This week has been busy in Year 4 – we have learnt all about the Celts in Topic, written a myth in English and discovered all the different parts of the digestive system.

Can you persuade your parents which is the most important organ?

Today in Maths we learnt about negative numbers. We discussed that you see negative numbers in lifts and on thermometers. Are there any other places you can spot them?

As promised here are the links to the videos we watched about Judaism. See if you can hear out for any other information about the Torah and a synagogue that you didn’t catch earlier.

Our homework this week is to learn the following spellings:











Additionally, you need to learn 21-30 Roman numerals.

You will be tested on these on Tuesday.

Our new English topic is non-chronological reports. Your task is to find an example of one and bring it in on Tuesday.

Year 4 2015-6

Welcome back to a brand new school year in Year 4. What a busy few weeks we have had already.

We have wasted no time getting started with our new learning. This week we have been deepening our understanding of place value and have been rounding four digit numbers! In English we have been learning the myth Romulus and Remus. Ask your children why this myth was important to the Romans. We learnt the myth off by heart and have been retelling it orally with actions. Can you show your parents the myth of Romulus and Remus?

If you haven’t already guessed our new topic is the Romans. The children researched some interesting facts and will be making a Wikepedia page in computing where you will be able to find all the information.












1-5 June

Wow – what a busy week it’s been in year 4! On Tuesday, 4F were lucky enough to go on a trip to the British Museum to kick-start Creative Arts week. Whilst we were there we looked at historical artefacts from Ancient Egypt and Japan (our topic for the week).




For the rest of the week, we continued our learning about Japan – from the traditional Japanese clothing to the art work created by Hokusai. Here were are using patterns to decorate a kimono.


We were also fortunate enough to participate in a circus workshop. Luckily, we weren’t too tired to learn lots of tricks including juggling, balancing plates and how to walk on a tightrope.

CIMG0126 CIMG0127 CIMG0141

Your homework this week is to draw a Manga character. Use the image below to help you.


18th – 22nd May

We have been loving our topic of Ancient Egypt and have produced some wonderful work this week. Have a look at  4S’ display and see if you an spot something you made.

CIMG0121 CIMG0125 CIMG0124 CIMG0123 CIMG0122

Maths open morning!

We enjoyed welcoming parents into our class to join us in solving some tricky maths problems. Gecko maths was a huge success so thank you to the parents who attended! Here we are in action…

CIMG0018 CIMG0021  CIMG0025 CIMG0026 CIMG0030 CIMG0032 CIMG0042 CIMG0043

Another busy week in Year 4! 4th-8th May

Wow! What an action-packed week it has been! We’ve been hands on solving maths problems and hunting for clues to solve a historical crime!

First, we had to balance the penguins on the igloo – much harder than you might think!


Even the teachers had some problems to solve – you can see how much concentration they required!


We then learned about shape and had to use logic to solve this very tricky jigsaw.

DSCN0330 DSCN0331

On Thursday, the History Hunters and Tudor Time Detectives visited our classes. They needed our help to solve the case of Queen Elizabeth I’s missing Salt Cellar. We used our blogging skills to investigate…

“Hmmm… who’s looking suspicious?”


DSCN0396 DSCN0395

Mapping out the evidence…




DSCN0367 DSCN0356

Who do YOU think the culprit is? Leave your comment below or log into the blogs at home.

Welcome back Year 4! 20-24 April 2015

We have had a busy start to the Summer Term and have been enjoying the glorious sunshine!

We celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday and created booklets full of facts about him. What can you tell your family about him? Can you remember some of his most famous plays?


In writing we watched a video called ‘The Dreamgiver’ – Follow the link and scroll down if you’d like to watch the video again and see what happened next.


Spellings –

How, Where, When, Why, What, Who, Now, Never, Know, Knew

Something, Nothing, Everything, Anything, Happening, Interesting, Remembering, Telling, Crawling, Laughing. Opening, Howling, Exciting

Maths –

Write 3 word problems that involve using your estimation skills. E.g. Jake has 43 sweets and Sophie has 19 sweets. Estimate the amount of sweets they have altogether.

40 + 20 = 60

Show your answers as well.

Remember 4F – PE kits on Monday.

4S – PE kits on Tuesday

Enjoy your weekends!

This Week 16-20 March 2015

It’s been another busy week for year 4!

We welcomed back some of our classmates from PGL and they quickly got back into the swing of things.

In English, we started a new class book called The Day The Crayons Quit, which is a very humorous book. We wrote complaint letters in the style of stationary; it’s amazing how annoyed pens can get!

the day the crayons quit

This week your homework is to learn the spellings from I to M in your reading records. Here is the list below:














Write a letter as a piece of stationary – try to choose a different one to last time – complaining about the way you are being treated.

Your Maths homework is to practice your number bonds to 100. Try questions like What change would I get from £1 if I spend 67p?

Have a lovely weekend!

Spring Term 2015

Happy New Year!

2015 has already been  busy for Year 4 – we have started our new Topic Art History and have been working hard in English and Maths too.

This week, we started looking at Instruction Texts in English. To help us get to grips with this – one of your homework tasks is to help someone out in the kitchen. Can you break down the steps to cooking a meal?

There’s been a bit of change recently in our classrooms with an update to our English working walls. Have a look at the one in 4F below. We’ve already started filling it with the ingredients to good instructional writing.

photo (2)

This week – 1st to the 5th December

In English this week we have been continuing with our poetry module. We have been focusing on rhythm and have been working on our expression to perform animal poems.

In Maths we have been working very hard on multiplication – making sure we carry in vertical method. You can practise this over the weekend with two and three digit multiplication.

Electricity is our Science topic and this week we took a closer look at the danger of electricity. We created safety posters to warn about dangerous practise with electricity and how to remain safe when handling goods.

Counties have been our theme of the week in Topic. Can you remember how many counties there are in England? Remind yourself by watching this video.

Homework – 5 December

Learn the following spelling using the look, cover, write technique.















Write 3 amazing sentences using some of the words above.

Learn all of your times tables for a test on Tuesday.

Hello Year 4!

We’ve had a busy first Autumn Term and have lots to show.

Take a look around 4S.


We learnt about the Celts and how they fought the Romans to defend Britain. Here are some pictures of them – can you guess who is who?

SAM_0991 SAM_0992 SAM_0994 SAM_0995 SAM_0996 SAM_0997 SAM_0998

Here is our Gerbil, Timmy. SAM_0999

These are our English displays.SAM_1002 SAM_1004 SAM_1012

And here is our Maths working wall. SAM_1008

Take a look around 4F.



Our new science topic is electricity. We investigated what happens in a series circuit when more components are added.



We then recorded our observations and evaluated them.


212 thoughts on “Year 4

  1. Wow year 4 I see that you’ve been working so hard! You have also completed so many interesting topics. I love your pictures on your blog page! Well done keep all of this up!

  2. I try again and what came up was Google doc ,it told me to
    write the password and email.
    I look at the set A and the English if it is up and it is.
    It never came up on my internet.

  3. Hello year 4! it looks like you have been doing hard work in your classrooms!!!
    Hope you all have a good weekend!

  4. Mr Duffy i want to do my homework on friday 8th march but the homework is not there please can you put it up there for me? i want to do my homework fast

  5. i realy ejoyed year 4 with mrs Thompson and mr. Duffy i have learned so much from them and i hope it will be funner throughout the year!

  6. I had lots of fun on the trip we went on wednesday the 28 it was very fun we did sketching, 2 paintings Mr. Duffy told us lots of things about the tudors and the past!!

  7. hi everyone have you enjoyed your half term i know i have because for my sister’s birthday we went ice skating it was AMAZING!!!!
    Mr Duffy thank you for putting the homework on the blog it!s so useful to have a blog especially one where we can see our homework to make sure we are not behind in work
    once again THANK YOU

    • No it isn’t I went to clambers in Hastings and went gambados and had people over my house. Went to Birmingham for 2 days but the boring part was when I had to go to my school on Sundays. Ughhhhhh!!!!! But apart from that it was very fun

  8. Oh my!!!, I’m so happy because I just done my spelling and sentences and my times tables but now I’m just doing my French home work if I add up tithe minutes it take me to do my spellings,sentences and French homework it will only take me approximately 15 minutes

    Happy half term!

  9. Miss Benharch I can’t access the BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plz help me I have the technology but I can’t access it is it on he year 4 page !!!!!!!!!M!

  10. Hello year 4 and the rest of the schoool i hope you have a brilliant holiday.What are you doing in the holidays?Are you going somewhere hot or maybe cold or maybe your just staying at home and you might have some fantastic plans planed.Have a brilliant half term……………..ENJOY!!!!!

  11. Hello year 4 I had a lovely half term.I went swimming on friday and on tuesday we went to brentford swimming pool near gunnsbery park.On saturday I went to the crockrow railway.Its a train that takes you through greens lane crockrow hill and sangert hill.I went with my 3 cousins,my little sister,my mum,my dad,my nanny and my grandad.I also went to the cinema to watch dolphine tale in 2D.We had to watch it in 2D because my little sister dosn’t were the glasses.We went to the wacky ware house in feltham.I took my 2 dogs out for a lond walk.I went bike riding.I went to macdonald and I did loads more. I hope you all had a great half term. Get ready for HALLOWEEN TOMMORROW SEE YOU LATER

  12. Dear year 4.

    I am having a fantastic half term.I think MR Lain is missing us already.On Thursday we had PE with Mr Lain before he went back to Austrailia to his father and mother.I hope you all are having a great half term.See you back on Monday on HALLOWEEN day ha ha ha ha

    See you later xxx

  13. Hello year 4. I hope you are enjoying the weekend so far.It’s so sunny and hot isnt it.I hopeyou are having a graet day see you on Monday see you later x

  14. Bonjour year 4.I am having a lovely weekend so far im having a great time at my nanas house.My dad is going to Liverpool today to go and watch a match of Liverpool vs Wolfs he is also staying in a posh hotel for 1 night and 2 days.I am going to miss him alot.I miss year 3 and i hope the new year 3 class are learning about the Romans i think they are.Anyway i will see you later by by

  15. Hi miss Davy’s, remember the time when you had pretended that somebody
    cut your hair of when you cut your hair.

  16. 34 nearest to 30
    47 nearest to 50
    12 nearest to 10
    69 nearest to 70
    18 nearest to 20
    71 nearest to 70
    99 nearest to 100
    76 nearest to 80
    128 nearest to 130
    184 nearest to 180
    563 nearest to 560
    73 nearest to 70

  17. 34 nearest to 30
    47 nearest to 50
    12 nearest to 10
    69 nearest to 70
    18 nearest to 20
    71 nearest to 70
    99 nearest to 100
    76 nearest to 80
    128 nearest to 130
    184 nearest to 180
    563 nearest to 560
    73 nearest to 70

    123 nearest to 120
    506 nearest to 510
    278 nearest to 280
    344 nearest to 340
    698 nearest to 700
    455 nearest to 460
    203 nearest to 200
    206 nearest to 210
    1755 nearest to 1760
    3459 nearest to 3460

    well done everyone you did great homework 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. 20 – 5 = 13 + 2 30 100
    48 divided by 4 = 12 x 1 50 500
    5 x 6 = 2 x 15 10 300
    25 divided by 5 = 4+1 70 300
    30 + 30 = 2 x 30 20 700
    78 + 2 = 90 – 10 70 500
    48 divided by 2 = 6 x 4 100 200
    57 – 9 = 43 + 5 80 300
    5 x 6 = 150 divided by 5 30 800
    72 divided by 6 = 3 x 4 80 300
    88 divided by 11 = 2 x 4 60
    45 – 13 = 10 +22 70

  19. Division
    1. 12 divided by 2 = 6
    2. 24 divide by 10 = 14
    3. 15 divided by 5 =3
    4. 20 divided by 2 = 2
    5. 36 divided 2 = 9
    6. 33 divided by 2 = 11
    7. 44 divided by 4 = 11
    8. 84 divided by 4 = 21
    9. 44 divided by 2 = 22
    10.30 divided by 2 = 15
    11.48 divided by 2 = 24
    12. 64 divided by 2 = 32

  20. Task 1
    1) 9 X 9 = 81 + 10 = 91
    2) 15 X 4 = 60 + 19 = 79
    3) 7 X 11 = 77 + 3 = 80
    4) 3 X 4 = 12 + 8 = 20
    5) 30 X 4 = 120 = 59 = 179
    6) 19 X 3 = 57 + 11 = 68
    7) 20 X 6 = 120 + 91 = 211
    8) 11 X 11 = 121 + 15 = 136
    9) 4 X 10 = 40 + 18 = 58
    10) 5 X 20 = 100 + 190 = 290
    11) 1 X 1 = 1 + 15 = 16
    12) 13 X 2 = 26 + 2 = 28

    Task 2
    1) 34 to the nearest 10 = 30
    2) 47 to the nearest 10 = 50
    3) 12 to the nearest 10 = 10
    4) 69 to the nearest 10 = 70
    5) 18 to the nearest 10 = 20
    6) 71 to the nearest 10 = 70
    7) 99 to the nearest 10 = 100
    8) 76 to the nearest 10 = 80
    9) 128 to the nearest 10 = 130
    10) 184 to the nearest 10 = 180
    11) 563 to the nearest 10 = 560
    12) 73 to the nearest 10 = 70

    Task 3
    1) 123 to the nearest 100 = 100
    2) 506 to the nearest 100 = 500
    3) 278 to the nearest 100 = 300
    4) 344 to the nearest 100 = 300
    5) 698 to the nearest 100 = 700
    6) 455 to the nearest 100 = 500
    7) 203 to the nearest 100 = 200
    8) 206 to the nearest 100 = 200
    9) 1755 to the nearest 100 = 1800
    10) 3459 to the nearest 100 = 3500

  21. 4 + 4 = 2 x 2
    5 x 5 = 20+ 5
    10 – 5 = 5 x 2
    8 / 4 = 1+1
    9 + 2 = 1 x 11
    8 x 3 = 10 + 10 + 4
    7 – 4 = 2 + 1
    6 / 3 = 3 x 2
    4 x 5 = 20 / 10
    11 x 2 = 20 + 2
    2 + 2 = 6 – 2
    4 x 1 = 2 + 2

    nearest 10
    34 = 30
    47 = 50
    12 = 10
    69 = 70
    18 = 20
    71 = 70
    99 = 100
    76 = 80
    128 = 130
    184 = 180
    563 = 560

    nearest 100
    123 = 100
    506 = 600
    278 = 300
    344 = 300
    698 = 700
    455 = 500
    203 = 200
    260 = 300
    1755 = 700
    3459 = 500
    73 = 70

  22. Homework
    part 1

    part 2(rounding to the nearest 10)

    part 3(rounding to the nearest 100)

  23. 1)5×5=20+5

  24. 1)10 times 10 + 1=101
    2) 11 times 2 + 2 =24
    3) 12 times 12 + 6 =150
    4) 9 times 2 + 6 24
    5) 10 diveded by 5 + 2 = 4
    6) 10 + 26 = 36
    7) 16 + 2 divde 2 =16
    8) 10 multiply 2 + 4 =24
    9)18 multiply 6 +2= 5
    10) 6 multiply 2 + 2 =4
    11) 2 times 2 + 2 = 6
    12 ) 3 times 3 +2 =11
    R O U N D I N G
    1) 34 to 30
    2)47 to 40
    3) 12 to 10
    4) 69 to 70
    5) 18 to 20
    6) 71 to 70
    7)99 to 100
    8) 76 to 80
    9)128 to 130
    10)184 to 180
    12)563 to 500

    1)123 to120
    2)506 to 500
    3)278 to 270
    4)344 to 340
    5)698 to 690
    6)455 to 450
    7)203 to 200
    8)260 to 260
    9) 1755 to1750
    10)3459 to 3450
    Miss Davys I did my homework in my local library . Mahdi homework .

  25. Homework

    Task 1 Task 3

    1) 6X5=10X3=30 1) 123 nearest hundred=100

    2) 7X3=20+1=21 2) 506 nearest hundred=500

    3) 8X4=34-2=32 3) 278 nearest hundred=300

    4) 2X8=20-4=16 4) 344 nearest hundred=300

    Task 2 5) 698 nearest hundred=700

    1) 34 nearest ten=30 6) 455 nearest hundred=500

    2) 47 nearest ten=50 7) 203 nearest hundred=200

    3) 12 nearest ten=10 8) 206 nearest hundred=300

    4) 69 nearest ten=70 9) 1755 nearest hundred=1800

    5) 18 nearest ten=20 10) 3459 nearest hundred=3500

    6) 71 nearest ten=70

    7) 99 nearest ten=100

    8) 76 nearest ten=80

    9) 128 nearest ten=130

    10) 184 nearest ten=180

    11) 563 nearest ten=560

    12) 73 nearest ten=70

  26. Hello 4D!!!

    I hope you have had an amazing holiday 🙂

    Have you been researching all about World War II? I hope so.

    I am looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.

    Miss Davys

  27. Wow year 4 ….your blog page is fantastic… informative and exciting……I do hope you are having amazing holidays and that you are taking photos of all the exciting places you are visiting…they’ll be great memories when you are older…….Have you taken the challenge from the newsletter?


  28. Five hundred years ago the world was a very different place. We were only just realizing that America existed and we had no idea about Australia. England (including the Principality of Wales) and Scotland were separate kingdoms, each with their own royal family.


  30. Homework
    Catherine beheaded.
    Anne boyeln who got beheaded.

    Jane seymour who died.

    Anne of celves who got divorced.

    Catherine who got beheaded.

    katherine parr she survived.

    King Henry VII was king for almost 38 years and he became fatter.

    The names of Henry’s children are Edward I,Elizebeth I,Mary I. 🙂

    Well Tudor houses were made of wet clay, wattle and daub.

    The Tudors ate oxen, chicken, deer, claves,crane, pigeons, woodcock, pigs, blackbirds,bread and loads loads more.

    Tudors watch William shakespear for entertainment.

  31. why do tudors always throw rubish outside there window?

    Why did Mary Jane did not stay queen for long?

    why did Henry VIII be rude when he was older?

  32. Henry VIII lived for 1509 – 1549

    Henry VIIIs children names were Edward VI,Mary I and Elizabeth I.

    Tudor houses were made out of timber (wood) and wattle and daub.

    Tudor people ate alot of of fresh food because there was no way of storing food to be eaten later also they ate alot of freash fruit like cherries,apples,pear and plums.

  33. Henry VIII had six wives and there names were Catherine of agagon,Anne boleyn, Jane seymour,Anne of cleves,Catherine howard,Catherine parr.

  34. My Tudor homework:

    1) How many wives did Henry VIII have a what was their names?
    Anwser for number 1: Henry VIII had 6 wives and their name were : Catherine of Aragon, Mary Boleyn, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard.
    2) How long was Henry VIII king of England?
    Anwser for number 2 : For 38 years.
    3) What were the names of Henry VIII’s children?
    Anwser for number 3 : Mary I, Elizabeth I, Edward VI.
    4) What are Tudor houses made out of?
    Anwser for number 4 : They were made out of timber, beams, wattle and daub.
    5) What sort of food did the Tudors eat?
    Anwser for number 5 : Mainly ate meat. They rarely ate veg, but they did sometimes. They ate alot of sugar thats why their teeth turned black.
    6) What did the tudors like to do for entertainment?
    Anwser for 6 : They went to jousting competition’s. 😀
    They wacthed bears baiting :).
    How did the tudors live?
    Did they enjoy their life?
    How was it like for Henry VIII to be their king?

  35. Homeork:
    (1)King henrys VIII wifes were Caferine of Arogon,Catherine Parr, Anne Bolyen,Caferine Howard,Jane Seymore and Anne of Cleves.
    (2)King Henry VIII reinged from 1509-1547.
    (3)King Henry VIII 3 childeren are EdwardVI,ElizabethI and MaryI.
    (4)Tudor houses were made out of wattle,beams,wet clay and cement.
    (5)Rich Tudors ate oxen,deer,calves,pigs,badger,wildboar and birds like chicken,pigeos,sparrows,heron,crane,pheasant,woodcock,partridge,blackbirds and peacoocks. Poor people ate fruit , veg and a soup called pottage Tudors who lived next to the River Thames ate fish
    (6)Tudors went to thearters for entertainment.WillamShakespeare and ChristopherMarlowe were very popular acters in the thearters.
    (7)King HenryVIII was 17 when he reinged.
    Anne Bolyen gave King Henry a boy.
    (8)How old was Anne of Cleves when she died.
    Were was ElizabethI Born.
    When was MaryI born.

  36. 1) Henry Vlll had 6 wives, thier names were Anne Bolen, Catherine Aragon, Jane Seymour, Anne Cleves, Cathrerine Howard and Catherine Parr.

    2) Henry Vlll was king of England from 21 April 1509
    until his death 1547.

    3) Mary, Elizabeth and Edward.

    4) Tudor houses were made out of timber (wood) and wattle daub.

    5) They ate brawn (boar meat), roast tongue, leg of pork, roast beef, meat pie, bread and rabbit.

    6) They liked sports, jousting,pitching the bar, throwing the sledgehammer, sword fighting and fox hunting.

  37. 1. Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, Katheriene Parr.
    2.1509-1547 for 38 years.
    3. he had 3 children and there names were: Mary (by Catherine of Aragon), Elizabeth (by Anne Boleyn), Edward (by Jane Seymour.
    4.The houses in Tudor times were built form wooden frames and spaces between were filled with small sticks and wet clay (daub and wattle).
    5.A rich Tudor’s table would include: leg of pork, meat pie, roast tongue, rabbit, tarts and custard along with bread, honey, veggie and wheats.

    6.They did sword fighting leaping fox hunting, dancing to bagpipes throwing sledge hammers at the wall.

    8.Why did Henry rejected the catholic religion?
    Was the Bible written in English?
    What was his hobby?

  38. Thank you Miss Davys for the fantastic Maths sessions you have set up for us. I am so impressed with all the work that is done for helping the children understanding and loving maths, and making maths Fun. If you did not explain us, I would not guess it and it has been a great learning step. It is very helpful for supporting the children’s homework and understand the way they resolve the problem. So different from the time I was at school. I had a wonderful time with my two boys today exploring Maths with the different supports, What a blessing! Thank you so much again for all your extra hard work in giving us this very special time together! Nadia, Aidan’s mum

  39. headline: Muslims raise $46k for Pakistan flood relief
    who : tauheedl Islam high school and tauheedl mosque.
    What:charity for Pakistan
    when : November 3 2010
    why:to raise money in Pakistan
    where:It happened in England
    fact: high school helped
    opinion:It was not because of the flood

  40. head line: can you identify bar attack man?
    who:unknown atacker
    what:a person punched a 31-year-old man
    when:this all happened at midnight on saturday agust 21st 2010
    why:he was angry
    where:Eclipse bar at walton street
    fact:”the man punched the 31-year-old man and his nose started bleeding” said one of the staff called wendy
    opinion: “I dont think he was angry maybe he wanted money” said another of the staff called nina




    WHAT:Warnock has suddenly been faced crisis in defence following the hoops’ 1-1 draw at portsmouth on Tuesday.

    WHERE:Queens park Rangers, Antigua

    WHEN:14 November 2010

    WHY:Why, because he wanted to WIN the WORLD CUP!!!!!

  42. Hi 4D!!!
    I am SO proud of you 🙂
    What wonderful comments you have written on our blog.
    I’m looking forward to reading all your homework!
    From Miss Davys

  43. Homework: Describing and highlight article

    Title: Schools facing a shake-up

    Where: In United Kingdom as plan by the government.

    What: Only student at the top of their classes will be able to become teachers under tough new plan.

    Fact: Teachers will have to spend more time in class and trained for a discipline reason. They will be given power they need to control the classroom and power to search pupils.

    Why: Because good behaviour is needed to attract and retain people at work.

    When: The plan will be announced this week.

    Who: The education secretary Michael Grove.

    Opinion: My own opinion is that, this plan must go a head and be implementing everywhere in England.

  44. homework
    title:Westfield factor causes crime to rise.
    who:Kevin Hurley

    what:Kevin Hurley caused crime in Westfield.

    where:It happened in Westfield.

    why:There are lots of goodies to steal.

    when:It happened on 30 september ( this year).

    fact:Kenin Hurley was in the crime.

    opinion:Kevin Hurley said “people are careless”.

  45. Hello Miss Davys,
    When is you and Miss Folkward going to change i mean take off the old year 4’s picture?
    Are you alright just missing you very much and when are we going to get the counters because i think Beder or Youses told you about the counters today and it came on the same day which was today!
    Hope you are having a wonderful time at your house.
    Reply 🙂 ❤
    Christelle 4D

  46. hello miss Davys,
    just to let you know i am doing really well in secindary school and i really miss sir john lilllie. i hope everything is alright and that you are coping with year 4.
    i hope you remember me 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Stacey,
      I’m so sorry that I have not replied until now. OF COURSE I remember you and I am so glad that you are enjoying secondary school and are doing well. I do ask Joy about you frequently!!!
      Year 4 is very fun, thank you 🙂
      I hope you continue to enjoy secondary school and it is just so lovely to hear from you 🙂
      Hopefully see you soon
      From Miss Davys

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