Year 6

29.01.16 Year 6 Persuasive leaflets

This week we wrote and completed persuasive leaflets aimed at persuading people – particularly shoppers to purchase free range or organic eggs over caged eggs,Hen who dreamed

free range eggs

inspired by our class book: The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly.

Homework 29.1.16

Remember to complete your spellings in your purple book – 6H please remember to write your word out three times at home! Most importantly learning your words and using a dictionary to find out definitions. Your maths and English teacher will have given you your SATs Buster homework.

Homework 22.1.16

Please remember year 6 of your SATs Buster homework and spellings this week. Did you remember Circumference, Diameter and Radius last week?

Well done for an incredible Poetry week, in year 6 we focussed on Personification and writing personification poems to describe a single object. We then studied the Highway Man: civil

Alfred Noyes (1880-1958)

The Highwayman



THE wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees,
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas,
The road was a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor,
And the highwayman came riding—
The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn-door.


He’d a French cocked-hat on his forehead, a bunch of lace at his chin,
A coat of the claret velvet, and breeches of brown doe-skin;
They fitted with never a wrinkle: his boots were up to the thigh!
And he rode with a jewelled twinkle,
His pistol butts a-twinkle,
His rapier hilt a-twinkle, under the jewelled sky.

We then wrote the next verse and practiced reading aloud our prose.

Year 6 also enjoyed writing Haiku, kennings and narrative poems.

Christmas Cards

Year 6 made Christmas cards as part of our D.T project, we will be selling them at our Carols around the Tree tonight and should sell plenty as they amazing!

Upper School Assembly

Mr C got all of Upper School exercising first thing this morning as we danced the Australian ‘Nut bush,’ what a great way to begin a Friday!


Homework 13.11.15

Your teacher has given you SATs Buster Homework from your Arithmetic book and Punctuation book. Remember to complete and learn your spellings from your homework book. Due Tuesday – if you cannot hand this homework in on the due date we expect a letter from home, we are too far into the year to not complete homework tasks on time. Well done to everyone who makes such an effort to ensure homework is completed on time.

Remembrance Day Trip 11.11.15

Year six visited Silence in the Square at Trafalgar Square on Wednesday and participated in the two minute silence, the children were fantastic and enjoyed writing their thoughts down before and after the silence. We then took a walk down Whitehall and saw the Cenotaph where many wreaths had been laid. Other highlights was passing the Women in War memorial where children were able to name some of the different jobs women were involved with in the war and we saw where our Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing Street, not to mention the incredible Big Ben that towered over us as we approached Parliament Square. Lunch at St. James’ Park was also memorial as a Goose decided he wanted lunch with us…

20151111_112401 IMG_3467 IMG_3468 IMG_3470 IMG_3505 IMG_3516

Happy Half Term Year 6!

Spelling Words this week:











Homework 16.10.15

Please complete your spelling words in your purple homework book and your SATs Buster books. Please remember they are due on Tuesday but you are more than welcome to bring them back Monday!

I encourage you all to always have a look at your homework over the weekend so if you need help on Monday you can ask one of the year 6 team! Your homework will then be still on Tuesday at the correct due date! We are encouraging good habits to get you into for Secondary School!

Have a fantastic weekend, see you Monday ready for the last week of the half term!

Workshop with Tim Hall

Year 6 were treated to a workshop with a man called Tim Hall on Wednesday, Tim specialises in motivational workshops, aimed at telling our year 6 children that they can achieve anything if they practice, if they want to do something they can achieve it and above all listening skills! Year 6 performed a range of team building exercises and the favourite was building a tepee in the top hall. It was fantastic to see children working together to achieve a tricky task! Tim said our year 6 children were some of the best children he has ever worked with – what a compliment, Miss Benharch, Mr Treweeke and Miss Hillard were very impressed!

image image image image image image image image image

Music with Scott:

IMG_3316 IMG_3317 (1) IMG_3319 IMG_3320 IMG_3325

Homework 2.10.15

Spellings this week:











Homework 25.9.15

Remember your SATs buster homework from your English and Maths teacher.

Spellings for this week:












A reminder that Parents consultation is on Monday, please remember your time and remind your parents, it will be fantastic to meet all of your parents and please come along yourselves if you are able.

Have a fantastic weekend, Miss Hillard & Miss Benharch

Homework 18.9.15

You have all been given homework from your Maths and English teacher. The expectation for reading is that you read each day of the weekend or save up to have a long reading session on Sunday night – we expect a signed reading record back on Monday! We want to beat year 5 for the pitch on Wednesday!

You should have brought home your purple homework book with 10 new spelling words –











Have a fantastic weekend!

Friday 11th September 2015

What a fantastic start back year 6! We had the pleasure of hearing sports captain speeches this afternoon, Mr C, Sue, Miss Benharch and Miss Hillard have a very tough job of deciding who is made up of the best captain material!

Homework this week: You have been given maths and English homework from your English teacher and have written out spellings in your homework book.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Year 6 trip to Chessington!2.7.15

As a reward for all of the hard work that the year 6s have put in this year and to celebrate their last couple of weeks in primary school, we visited Chessington on Thursday. We had such an exciting and fun-filled day where the children loved going on all of the rides- even the scary ones!

Chessington Chessington_2JPG Chessington_3JPG Chessington_4JPG Chessington_5 Chessington_6 Chessington_7

Visit to Regent’s Park Mosque 29.6.15

As year 6 are currently studying Islam during RE, we visited the Mosque in Regent’s Park to develop our knowledge of what is inside a Mosque and how Muslims pray. The children enjoyed learning about the beliefs of Islam and the different features of the Mosque.

mosque mosque_2 mosque_3 mosque_4 mosque_5 mosque_6

Homework 26.6.15

Complete the next two pages that you need to work on in your spelling book and remember to keep learning those lines for our end of year show!

Social media workshops 25.6.15

This week we had social media workshops where we had the chance to discuss the pros and cons of social media. The year 6s were asked if they could survive without their mobile phones and many said that they wouldn’t be able to! Would you?

soc media_6 soc media_5 soc media_4 soc media_3 soc media

Richmond Park Trip

And down came the rain… But not before we had a terrific time at Richmond Park, we were on constant deer watch but mostly we enjoyed playing with all the sports equipment in the wide open space!

Homework 19.6.15

Complete the next two pages that you need to work on in your spelling book and remember to keep learning those lines!

Raising money for our school- creating unique reusable bags 18.6.15

On Saturday 27th June, there will be a summer market on North End Road. To raise money for our school, the year 6s were asked to design bright and colourful, unique reusable bags. The children were given the task of creating a logo that represents the market and what it sells. Have a look at their impressive logos below!

bag_2 bag_3 bag_6 bag_7 bag_8

Kidzania! 16.6.15

Year 6 had so much visiting Kizania today! The children had the opportunity to experience real life scenarios and explore numerous types of jobs.

kidz_1 kidz_3 kidz_5 kidz_6 kidz_9 kidz_10

Homework 12.6.15

Complete the next two pages that you need to work on in your spelling book and remember to keep learning those lines!

Homework 5.6.15

Complete the next two pages that you need to work on in your spelling book and remember to keep learning those lines!

NSPCC Workshops 4.6.15

Year 6 had visitors from the NSPCC today to talk about Childline and different ways for children to feel safe, they brought their mascot ‘Buddy,’ with them to help with the workshop. Ledion and Javeed

Creative Arts Week

       1st-5th June  

mexican flag

Year 6 are studying Mexico during Creative Arts Week and we have had the chance to research the Mayans and the Aztecs and learn about their civilisations.

All of the children enjoyed the reggae music workshop where they had the chance to play drums to create a reggae music sound.


IMG_3411 IMG_3412 IMG_3413 IMG_3414 IMG_3416

Year 6 have also been practising their sketching and shading skills as they have sketched a Mayan God and created some impressive bunting!

IMG_3417 IMG_3418

We even made nachos- yum! We created the salsa from scratch and discussed the importance of eating healthy and fresh foods.

cooking_2 cooking_3 cooking_4 cooking_9 cooking_10

Year 6 Show reveal and Homework 22.5.15

Now that the end of year 6 show has been revealed, (it’s Alice in Wonderland!) your task is to learn your lines for the part that you have been given.

We are looking forward to seeing Alice, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit!

alice_tea partywhite rabbit

French cafe 22.5.15

Bonjour! Today, we practised our French by ordering breakfast! The year 6s had to correctly order from the menu in French and remember to use their manners.

IMG_3199 IMG_3200 IMG_3201

Maths open morning 19.5.15

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed solving a range of word problems this morning- take a look at the year 6s working together:


SATs Week 11th-15th May

A massive well done to all of the year 6s for trying their best during their SATs tests and for showing such great determination all week! All of the adults, especially Miss.Hillard and Miss.Dunstan, are extremely proud of the children and for their positive attitude shown.

The year 6s deserve a well earned rest this weekend- have a happy weekend and see you on Monday!

Homework 8.5.15

As it is SATs week next week, we have some top tips for you to prepare yourselves!

Key points to remember:

  • Make sure you read all the questions.
  • Words that are in BOLD usually help or give a clue to the answer.
  • If you are unsure of anything, raise your hand.
  • All equipment will be provided for you.
  • Use the marks at the side to help you decide on the length/style of your answers.

SATs timetable

Miss.Hillard and Miss.Dunstan are very proud of how hard the year 6s have worked so far this year and wish them all the best next week!



Homework 1.5.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



Transition morning

On Wednesday morning, both year 6 classes travelled to Fulham Cross Girls’ School for a transition morning. The children were separated into teams and had to compete to see which team listened the best to the new information about secondary school and who asked the best questions! The year 6s thoroughly enjoyed their trip.

Below are some quotes from the children themselves:

“I loved the trip because I am now more confident about going to secondary school.” Eaman

“I really enjoyed the trip because we were split into teams which made it really competitive.” Ayoub

“I really enjoyed my time at Fulham Cross Girls’ School as we were able to take part in lots of activities and they explained what will happen in secondary school.” Maria

Homework 24.4.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



Miss Hillard’s group:
You need to revise all of the Level 6 spellings that you have been given so far!

Homework 2.4.15

Over the Easter holiday we will send you home with your maths, English and reading books. Your teachers will let you know which pages to complete. Have a great holiday!



Miss Hillard’s group: achieve, cartridge, league, extinguish, collisions, miracle, honourable, sincerely, parallel, murmur, broccoli, parliament, siege, correspondent, restaurant

Children’s Parliament

On Wednesday 25th March, 9 children from year 6 attended the Children’s Parliament at Hammersmith Town Hall. The children carefully listened to all of the schools present their presentations about environmental topics and voted for the best presentation at the end. Miss.Dunstan, Angela and Mr.Treweeke were so proud of the presenters, Lawren and Ladan and all of the remaining year 6 children who contributed towards the ‘London’s Changing Skyline’ project!

IMG_2742 IMG_2747 IMG_2751

Homework 27.3.15



Miss Hillard’s group: sprinkle, dosage, official, informative, skeleton, cannon, radiator, volunteer, watery, majority, pledge, gazebo, impulsive, feud, cruise

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.

Homework 20.3.15



Miss Hillard’s group: puncture, tourism, bravest, monument, elegant, universal, deputy, receipt, luxury, thermometer, humble, courageous, nuisance, visor, begrudge

Homework 13.3.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



Miss Hillard’s Group:

Innocent, version, loyal, wisdom, cartridge, qualifications, schedule, vandalism, ghastly, priority, millionaire, brooch, refusal, disguise, ambled

Homework 6.3.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



Miss Hillard’s Group spellings:

Hinge, location, detective, complexion, junction, applaud, opinions, poison, criteria, escalator, paragraph, feisty, awesome, spacious, adrift

You must learn both sets of words please.

Homework 27.2.15

Miss.Hillard’s English group spellings:


Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



Homework 13.2.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.

Have a happy half term!



Homework 6.2.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



Homework 30.1.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



Homework 23.1.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



Fulham Readers’ Cupimage image

Well done to our five year 6 children who represented Sir John Lillie in Hammersmith and Fulham’s first ever Fulham Readers’ Cup! The children had to read three books, Soldier dog, Rooftoppers and Pig Heart Boy and answer questions related to the text – really tough questions! Tia, Lawren, Ladan, Mattheo and Waqas did a brilliant job and we are so proud of them. after a tight competition SJL finished second overall.


Homework 16.1.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



Homework 9.1.15

Each week your English and Maths teacher will let you know which pages you will be completing from your CGP books.



We hope that you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Enjoy your holidays!

Homework 19.12.14



Homework 12.12.14





Homework 5.12.14






Homework 28.11.14




planning_to_present_a_report 28.11.14

Homework 21.11.14




Miss Hillard’s English group: 6H_SPaG_pronouns

Miss.Dunstan’s English group: 6D_SPaG_pronouns

Homework 14.11.14




speech_marks_corrections_doc homework

Remembrance Day Trip

DSCN0005 DSCN0007 DSCN0008 DSCN0009 DSCN0019 DSCN0022 DSCN0023 DSCN0025 DSCN0027 DSCN0028 DSCN0036 DSCN0039 DSCN0043 DSCN0047 DSCN0048 DSCN0059 DSCN0060 DSCN0070

Homework 7.11.14

Maths: You will receive maths homework from  your maths teacher, this is not to be stuck in your homework book – always give to your maths teacher separately.

SPaG: Complete these examples for apostrophes: Apostrophe worksheet, if you are stuck look at these examples: Apostrophe worksheet with examples.

Spellings: Spellings 7.11.14

Homework 24.10.14

Happy half term break year 6! Spellings this week: Spellings 24.10.14

SPaG: Complete the following sentences using either I or me

Maths: You have been given maths homework to complete from your maths teacher.

French: SJL school plan, SCHOOL

Homework 10.10.14

This week you need to complete your group’s maths sheet and learn your spellings:

sports_pitch_perimeter_purple_green_6D Grey & Green 6H

farmer_giles_field_grey_6D Purple & Mr Treweeke’s group 6H


6H: Red & Black please complete the information in the box then the rest of the work should be answered in your book.

Grey, Green & Purple: Stick in the sheet and write the answers in your book – remember to include your unit of measure!

Spellings 10.10.14

Homework 03.10.14

6H and 6D- You each have a comprehension that you need to complete on the sheet.

Homework 26.9.14

6H- Miss Hillard has given you your homework already, so complete that homework in your homework books.

6D- This week you have spellings and maths homework. Mr Treweeke’s group complete your homework in your homework books.

Spellings 26.09.14

red table maths 26.09.14

Green, purple and grey maths 26.09.14

Homework 19.9.14

Your homework this week is to learn your spellings and complete your SPaG sheet. Spellings 19.09.14

Homework 12.9.14

Multiplication, times tables and spellings. 11.9.14 Spellings & Multiplication

Please draw your book character on a separate piece of paper stating the name of the character, names of the book and author. If you don’t know what the character traditionally looks like use your imagination!

What a fantastic first week in year 6!

Homework 5.9.14

Each week you will write your spelling words in your Homework book and we will put them on the blog for you. We are using the look/cover/write/check method we have shown you in class. Click on the link above for a reminder.

Homework 04.07.14

Your spellings for this week are attached below:


Please complete three columns of your spelling words using the look, cover, write, check method and return by next Tuesday.

Homework 20.6.14

Hello Year 6 – Spellings are back! Homework books to be returned Tuesday as usual and we shall have a spelling test through the week! Please complete three columns of your spelling words using the look, cover, write, check method.

Spellings 20.6.14

Wizard of Oz Show

Our show is fast approaching so we need to organise the costumes and we’d like your help to see what you might have at home.

Take a look at your character below and see if you have anything at home that you could bring in:

Scarecrow, Glinda and Wizard, can you check to see if you have anything suitable as well please?

Homework 23.05.2014

Our new topic for the summer term is ‘Wonders of the World’, so to develop your knowledge of the amazing wonders around the world, have a look at the link below;

Wonders of the World

Also, as you now know your part in our show, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, you need to start learning your lines!

A look back on Year 6!

Please fill in this questionnaire about your experiences so far this year and what you are looking forward to!


Homework 09.05.2014

As your SATs are next week we would like you to use all of your revision books over the weekend, to practise those tricky elements!

You have been given an English skills book, a science book, a SPaG book and a maths book. 

Maths: Times Tables & your homework given to you from your Maths teacher.

Maths Boot Camp! Have a go at home: Mental Maths Boot Camp

English: Plural Revision – Please look over at these tricky spelling patterns! plural_rules

Spellings:  Spellings 09.05.14

Extra help for some tricky topics!

Semi-colons: Semi-colon – the most feared punctuation on earth!

Apostrophes for omission and possession: apostrophepresentation

Phrases and clauses: Phrases_and_Clauses_worksheet

Mixed numbers and Improper fractions game: Mixed fractions/Improper fractions

Finding a percentage of a number: BBC Bitsesize percentages

Homework 02.05.2014

English/SPaG: You have been given an English Skills book to work through so by next Tuesday, complete another four pages

Remember to bring your English Skills book in on Tuesday!

Maths: Times Tables & your homework given to you from your Maths teacher.

Spellings:   02.05.14

Miss Dunstan’s maths group: LENGTH_PROBLEMS


Click on the link.

Easter Holiday- Homework 11.04.2014

We have sent home a variety of resources to guide your study over the Easter holidays. Although we want you to have a break, we would like you to set aside an hour a day to study. This could be split into 20 or 30 minute intervals depending on how you work best.

If you struggle with anything in particular, please write it down in your homework books so we can revise it the first week back.

For those of you going to France Mr.Duffy will ensure that you revise any misconceptions.

spelling words 11.04.14

Have a fantastic holiday!

Homework 04.04.2014

English/SPaG: You have been given an English Skills book to work through now and over Easter. By next Tuesday, complete up to and including page 7.

Remember to bring your English Skills book in on Tuesday!

Maths: Times Tables & your homework given to you from your Maths teacher.

Spellings:   Spelling words 04.04.14

Homework 28.03.2014

English/SPaG: CGP book page 5, answer questions on page 5. (Articles)

Pages 6- 7, answer questions on page 7 (Verbs)

Pages 8- 9, answer questions on page 9 (Verbs)

Maths: Times Tables & your homework given to you from your Maths teacher.

Spellings:    Spelling words 28.03.14

Homework 21.03.2014

English/SPaG: CGP book pages 1-2, answer questions on page 2. (Nouns)

Pages 3- 4, answer questions on page 4 (Pronouns)

Maths: Times Tables & your homework given to you from your Maths teacher.

SpellingsSpelling words 21.03.14

Hello Year 6

Please use this link to fill in the questionnaire – click here

Homework 14.03.2014

English/SPaG: CGP book pages 36-37, answer questions on page 37. (Inverted commas)

Pages 38- 40, answer questions on page 40 (commas)

Maths: Times Tables & your homework given to you from your Maths teacher.

Spellings: Spelling words 14.03.14

Mr Cant’s Math Group 7.3.14

Homework 07.03.2014

Thank you to everyone who made such an amazing effort for World Book Day!

English: CGP books: Please complete ‘Test style questions,’ pg 46 – 47 and ‘Plurals,’ pg 48 – 49, quick questions 1 – 12 on page 49.

Maths: Times Tables & your homework given to you from your Maths teacher.

Spellings:Spelling Words Year 6 Spring 7.3.14

Homework 28.02.2014

English/SPaG: CGP book pages 22-23, answer questions on page 23. (connectives)

Pages 24- 25, answer questions on page 25

Spellings: Spellings 28.2.14

Maths: Times Tables & your homework given to you from your Maths teacher.

Homework 14.02.14

Happy Valentines Day!

This is your holiday homework for the half term break.

English/SPaG:  CGP book pages 30 – 32, answer questions on page 32. (sentence structure).

Page 33 – 35 Apostrophes, answer questions on page 35.

Science CGP Book: Section 10: Pages 71 – 74, answer questions 1 – 17 on page 75.

Spellings: Spellings 14.2.14

Due Tuesday the first week back! Please bring your CGP books.

Have a fantastic holiday! Miss Hillard and Miss Dunstan will!

Homework 7.02.2014

Spellings: Spellings 7.2.14 Watch out for those silent letters!

English/SPaG: In your CGP book, Pages 18 – 19 answer questions 1 – 8 at the bottom of page 19 & Read pages 20 – 21, answer questions at the bottom of page 21. All in your Homework books please, in full sentences!

Maths: Times Tables & your homework given to you from your Maths teacher.

Homework 24.01.2014

Hello Year 6, Happy Chinese New Year, here is your homework for this week:

Spellings: Spellings 31.01.14

English: Remember synonyms are different words with the same meaning, this will help with your vocabulary – I don’t want to hear words like good/bad/said in your writing = BORING! synonyms – English

You will have been given maths homework by your maths teacher – please remember to complete it separately to give to them.

Homework 24.01.2014

Hello year 6! Your homework for this week is below: English: adverb sentences (you need to identify the adverbs in the sentences and then write 10 sentences of your own, which contain powerful adverbs) Spellings: Spellings 24.01.14 Miss.Dunstan’s maths group (extra homework): Find and draw the 11 nets of a cube. Maths: You have been given a maths sheet by your teacher for maths groups, as well as learning your times tables all the way to 12 x 12 and their corresponding division facts; e.g. 12/6 = 2, 2 x 6= 12. Mr Duffy’s Maths group – Maths group homework

Homework 17.01.2014

The date is 2014! Not 2013 Miss Hillard – it is correct this week! English: Homophone homework (words that sound the same BUT  are spelled differently with different meanings). Spellings: Spellings 17.01.14 Science: Any research about teeth will help you for Monday’s lesson! Including how  to keep them healthy and types of teeth. Maths: You have been given a maths sheet by your teacher for maths groups, as well as learning your times tables all the way to 12 x 12 and their corresponding division facts; e.g. 12/6 = 2, 2 x 6= 12.

Homework 10.01.2013

Hello year 6! What a fantastic first week back. English: Fill out your Auto-biography planning sheet you were given in class. Spellings: 10.01.14 Maths: grey_maths (6D), purple_black_red_maths (6D), green_maths (6D) Science: In your purple CGP books read pages 19 to 25 and answer summary questions on page 26.

Year 6 Holiday Homework 20.12.13

Spellings:Spellings 19.12.13

Science: In your purple CGP books read through pages 43 -50 and complete all the questions on page 51. This books must come back with your homework books on the first Tuesday back. Maths: You need to practise your times tables if you don’t know them already! This is non-negotiable, it is essential that you know them! Here is some times tables games to help: Times tables games, you have been given ‘ocean maths sheets,’ to complete – this is all due the first Tuesday back.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful holiday!

6H Persuasive Letters to Ebenezer Scrooge.


Ikram Mohamed













Homework 13.12.13

Here is your homework for this week:

English: Proper Nouns! Please follow the directions on the worksheet and complete in your books. Proper Nouns are names of people, places, nationalities, days of the week/months etc. London, Miss Hillard, Wednesday for example.Proper_nounsSpellings 13.12.13

Maths: Grey and green table you should have a printed sheet to complete

converting_metric_lengths_purple_black_red_table (6D), Purple, Yellow & Orange (6H)

Homework 06.12.13

Hello year 6! Here is your homework: English: English argument homework – complete two sides of an argument in your English book, to help with your discussion view these photographs: Zoo images for discussion Maths: green_table_maths_06-12-13(6D)Red (6H) purple_black_red_table_maths_06-12-13 (6D) Purple, Yellow & Orange (6H) Grey table (6D) Green Table (6H) maths: I would like you to show your workings for each question and explain how you found the answer grey_table_maths_06-12-13 (6D) Spellings: spellings 06-12-13

Homework 29.11.13

Hello year 6! Your homework for this long weekend: English: Missing Commas Maths: green_table_maths (6D) (Orange 6H); purple_black_red_table_maths (6D) (Yellow, green and red 6H): grey_table_and_new_green_table_maths (grey table 6D and new green table 6H) Spellings:Spellings 29.11.13

Hello grey table, here is your maths homework: Pie chart interpretation_grey_table

You have until Thursday 28th November to complete it.


Homework 22.11.13

Spellings: Spellings 22.11.13    Spellings 22.11.13

English: English Homework 22.11.13

Maths: green_table_maths_22-11-13 (Orange 6H); red_purple_black_maths_22-11-13 (Yellow, green and red 6H)

Homework 15.11.13

Spellings:15.11.13 English/SPaG: This week we have looked at plurals and apostrophes for possession and omission (contractions). It’s or its Maths: green_maths (Orange 6H); purple, black and red_maths ( Yellow, Green & Red)

Homework 08.11.13

Spellings: Spellings 8.11.13 English: SPaG: We are looking at Plurals – for example: One foot, two feet OR One sheep, two sheep (tricky!) One baby, two babies – look for the spelling changes and word changes. Please complete: Plurals More English! Grammar: There are only three articles: thea and an. They are very small words which cause very large problems if used incorrectly. If, for example, you wanted someone to hand you the book, but you accidentally said a book, the other person might take some time to go shopping for a book they thought you’d like.  Use of an article can also change the meaning of the noun: Articles: Articles Quiz Maths homework: We have been focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages over the last few weeks! Here are your homework questions: greytable_maths(6D) Purple and Red(6H); purple_black_red_tables_maths(6D) Yellow & Green(6H); greentable_maths(6D)  Orange(6H)

Hi Isabella, 

Here is the homework that I would like you to complete by Friday (08-11-13):

Maths: _frac_decimals

Also, have a go at this punctuation game:

Try game 1 and let me know how you got on!

Miss. Dunstan

Homework 18.10.13

Spellings: Please look at these different homophones, you will need to find out the meanings of each one using a dictionary: Homework spellings 18.10.13 English: We are looking at sentence types, Questions, statements and commands, please read the information and state whether the sentences are a question, statement or command. Statements, questions etc Maths: Multiplication using the grid method, unless you are in Mr Duffy’s or Ms Bates groups (then you may use the technique you were shown) grey multiplication (6D) Purple and Red (6H); purple, red and black multiplication (6D) Yellow & Green (6H); green multiplication (6D) Orange (6H)

Homework 11.10.13

Spellings: Please take note of the changes for this week – you need to find the definitions of the connectives: Spellings – connectives.

Maths: Some of you were given maths sheets to complete and here is your work on the blog for everyone else:vertical_chunking_division

English: Pronouns – please have a go at this SPaG activity: Pronoun Game

You were all given handwriting and extra spelling homework, do not forget!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Hello year 6, here is this weeks homework.

Spelling words: Spelling words 04.10.13

This week in 6H we have been looking at clauses – identifying a main clause and subordinate clause in a sentence. 6D will be studying this next week (but as you did this is year 5 this should be familiar!) Spotting different clauses

Here is a mental maths test to try at home:Mental Maths game and

Mental Maths quiz

Don’t be intimidated by your spelling words this week, remember if you learn the prefix or suffix – that is half the word for one set! Spelling words 27.9.13

Happy Friday year 6! Here is your homework for the weekend – due Tuesday! 

Maths – we are continuing to focus on money problems, adding with decimals – remember if you don’t set this out correctly, your answer will be wrong! This needs to be set out NEATLY in your homework book, just as you would in class.adding_money_Sheet 1money_questions_Sheet 2Sheet 3 Money Problems Try these grammar activity to improve your SPaG skills Grammar – word types Hello year 6! What a lovely week it has been my first week back seeing you all. For Homework this week we have spelling words similar to last week, using a prefix at the start of the sentence. Spelling words 20.9.13 For English we are focusing on Genres, please read the information and complete the task in your homework book. Genre Homework For Maths we would to see you consolidating the grid method. Here are some questions to complete, please remember which sheet you need to complete. For 6H: Red and Purple: Sheet 3, Green and Yellow Sheet 2 and Orange table sheet 1, if you would like to challenge yourself feel free to complete extra. GRID_METHOD 20.9.13 Hello Year 6, Here is your homework for this weekend. . . spellings Also you were given a sheet to complete with some maths and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar). Please complete these and then we will go through these back in class, next week. Our new topic is ‘Titanic’. Take a look at what we have found out so far in 6F 20130524-103705.jpg 20130524-103657.jpg 20130524-103652.jpg 20130524-103647.jpg This morning we have been creating amazing front covers for our new topic books! Attention all Year 6 boys who will be attending Fulham College Boys School next year! There is an open evening at the school on Wednesday 6th March, that’s THIS WEEK. The evening starts at 5:30pm and will be a great opportunity for you to see the school again, meet some of the staff and ask any questions you may have. Hello 6F, I hope you are all enjoying your half term so far! When you come back, we are going to move on to changing the Harry Potter story. So, I would like you to think of some changes which we could make for our class version. Use the examples below to help you complete the grid. See you on Monday. Miss Dunstan DSCF1203 (3) Hello 6J, Well done for practising Harry Potter and the Forbidden Forest, you are learning the story incredibly quickly! Over the half term, finish drawing your storymap. Then you will be ready to write our own version of the story when you come back to school! Don’t forget to personalise the front cover of your writer’s journal with pictures, drawings and your name. Have a nice holiday! Miss Smith SAM_0106 Year 6 were super busy last week! We have been getting stuck into our science based topic – ‘Discoveries that Changed the World.’ In 6J we have been exploring circuits, forces and magnetism. We also had a visitor from the Urban Studies Centre, who will be working with us on a mini project over the next few weeks. The project will be based on the history of the local area and the school. We have already found out lots of interesting facts! We also looked at old photographs of the local area. Some things have changed a lot but some bit at all. Can anyone from 6J remember one of the things that have changed? Stayed the same? We are looking forward to our local area walk on Thursday where we will be meeting one of the ‘friends of Brompton cemetery’ for a history talk! Hello year 6, As you will have seen school is closed tomorrow. Unfortunately 6F this means our trip will be cancelled. I’ll try to reschedule it for another time. Meanwhile, here is some more work to keep you busy! Maths: Complete the section called ‘Handling Data’ in the CGP book Science: Choose another section of the CGP book and write another 10 questions to go with your quiz Literacy: Imagine you are a journalist for the Hammersmith and Fulham chronicle and write a newspaper article about the closure of the school. Hopefully we will see you on Friday but keep checking the blog and website for information! On Tuesday, 6J went on a trip to the Science Museum in South Kensington. We explored the galleries and exhibitions and especially enjoyed the interactive activities in the LaunchPad! What was your favourite part of the day? Which exhibition did you enjoy the most? What new information did you learn? 20130123-204206.jpg 20130123-204158.jpg 20130123-204149.jpg 20130123-204142.jpg 20130123-204134.jpg 20130123-204127.jpg 20130123-204122.jpg 20130123-204116.jpg 20130123-204109.jpg 20130123-204103.jpg 20130123-204056.jpg 20130123-204047.jpg 20130123-204042.jpg 20130123-204037.jpg 20130123-204030.jpg 20130123-204022.jpg Last week in 6J, we designed and made our own umbrellas. We thought carefully about the design and pattern but also about the materials we used. As you can see, we used lots of masking tape to keep them together. We tested them out in the playground! What do you think? 20130118-104039.jpg The view from Year 6 today! 20130116-215725.jpg 20130116-215719.jpg 20130116-215711.jpg Look at our amazing Russian dolls! 20130115-155152.jpg This afternoon year 6 took part in a workshop called ‘Wasted’ which taught us all about the effects of drugs. Here is the link to the website they suggested which has lots of more information and activities: 20121212-114235.jpg Here are the words to our song for you to practice: Our Children’s Leadership team would like us to find out about the history of our school. Here is a link to a wallwisher page where you can post your information or questions: 20121203-173734.jpg 20121203-173726.jpg Have look at the fantastic pictures we have been doing in Art! Hello Year 6, thanks to those who have poster on the Wallwisher wall about Medical Breakthroughs they have found out about. Please keep adding to the wall – 6J it would be great if you could comment too! Here is the link again: Have a great weekend! Hello 6F, here is the url address for the wallwisher wall I created today where you can post information about any medical breakthroughs you know of: 20121119-140646.jpg 20121114-144859.jpg 20121114-144846.jpg 20121114-144840.jpg 20121114-144835.jpg This afternoon we logged onto and played real-time maths games against children all over the world. We could choose to answers questions from Level 1- 5. Level 5 was the hardest but its where we could get the most points! The competition is open until 12 tonight so some of us will be logging in at home to try and get more coins. ; ; ;

Information for Head Boy and Head Girl

is on the home page of the blog.

hg20121108-144320.jpg ; This week we focused on making a book entitled ‘The Wonders of London.’ We will be sending our book to South City International School in India. They are also in the process of making a similar book to send to us all about where they live and go to school. We included lots of information about London; facts about important people, important places, the royal family, festivals and celebrations as well as pictures from out trip to Central London. Check out the South City International School website: 20121030-205347.jpg 20121030-205344.jpg 20121030-205336.jpg 20121030-205320.jpg On Friday Miss Jackson set us the task of making chocolate buttons from a bar of chocolate. We had to work together to think of ways to melt the chocolate and to make button shapes. We had great fun! 20121026-080742.jpg Here is the half term homework. We hope you have a good break; see you in a week’s time! Despite the rain we still had a fantastic day exploring London! 20121020-113512.jpg 20121020-113504.jpg 20121020-113454.jpg 20121020-113441.jpg 20121020-113429.jpg 20121020-113419.jpg 20121019-164251.jpg 20121019-164257.jpg 20121019-164305.jpg 20121019-164311.jpg 20121019-164320.jpg 20121019-164330.jpg We had an amazing time on our treasure hunt around Westminster today! Here are a couple of photos to show you where we went! 20121016-161339.jpg 20121016-144115.jpg 20121016-144108.jpg We made posters explaining the properties of a square based pyramid and a cuboid. We went to Years 1,2 and 3 to share our posters and information. They learned new words like vertices. 20121013-175611.jpg 20121013-175616.jpg Have a go at some of these. Can you believe that Mrs Thompson just solved the pyramid challenge. She won’t tell me how she did it and has left me to figure it out over the weekend. Don’t forget 6J, I need your help! 20121012-160844.jpg 20121012-110938.jpg 20121012-110931.jpg Miss Jackson needs your help! Yesterday we had a maths challenge morning. Some of the challenges were quite tricky and some were a bit easier. Miss Jackson tried her best to complete the pyramid challenge using unifix cubes. Unfortunately, even after half an hour trying, she was unable to build the pyramid using the shapes. The cubes are now on her desk and in her spare time she is still trying. If you have any cubes or building blocks at home, have a go at building the shapes and making the pyramid. Miss Jackson will be very grateful for any advice or assistance that you can provide! 20121005-095341.jpg 20121005-094818.jpg Today we were learning how to say the names of our family members in French. Can you tell who is who?! Here are our videos about chunking. 20120922-081155.jpg 20120922-081202.jpg 20120922-081219.jpg In 6F we have been making abstract art pictures of Wonders of the World such as: Ayers Rock, Machu Pichu, and the Pyramids. We used torn paper to create these simple but effective pictures for the front cover of our project books. Can you guess what they are of? Take a look at this great video by some children in 6F which explains how to solve division by chunking: a>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; this is the link to the ‘Flocabulary’ website where you will find the maths rap about integers that we listened to in class today. Enjoy! Here is our topic web for this half term. Our topic is ‘The Wonders of the World’. 20120913-120318.jpg Our first topic this year is all about the Wonders of the World. Last week we were split into groups & were given the task of creating a display in the classroom about our wonder. These are just some of our finished displays! What do you think? 20120910-184225.jpg 20120910-184208.jpg

Hello 6F!

I really hope you are all enjoying your holidays; I can’t believe that we have only a week and a bit left! I wouldn’t want you get bored in the last week of your summer so here is some homework to get your brains warmed up for September: 1. Practice all your times tables – we will be having a test in the first week back. 2. Write a story – this can be about anything you like. Perhaps you could base it on something you have done in the holidays? Or maybe a story with an Olympic theme? It can be any length you want but make sure it has all the features of a story including a clear beginning, build up, middle, resolution and ending. Try to include as much interesting and descriptive vocabulary as you can. 3. Find out some facts about the River Thames – as part of our topic next half term we will be talking about rivers and coasts. Any facts you find out you can write on the blog or on a fact sheet of your own. You don’t have to do it all but it would be a brilliant start to the year if you can do as much as possible. Enjoy the final part of your holidays and I look forward to seeing you all back on 5th September! Miss F ;

Here is the letter giving you information you need for Monday.

Click here for the letter

Last week Year 6 went to Chessington World of Adventures. We had a brilliant day! Here are a couple of photos and a short video clip:

6D – Please fill in this questionnaire!

During the London 2012 Olympics we are supporting China, we will be learning about the country, culture and some of their athletes.

Today Year 6 had a brilliant time Bellboating at the Canalside Activity Centre! Check out the slideshow below to see what we got up to: Last week whilst half of year 6 were in France the other half took part in an exciting project based on The Apprentice. They had to design an Olympic themed board game and produce a prototype, an advert, a poster and a profit report. At the end of the week they had to pitch their idea to Mrs Hayward and the panel! The work they produced was fantastic; we had an amazing week! Here are some photos of what we got up to and a couple of the adverts they produced: Hi 6F, we hope you are having fun. We are having a great time in France and we just wanted to tell you some of the activities we have taken part in this week so far. We have been rock climbing, to the beach, visited Rouen and been to the aquarium. See you next week! From Demi and Lucy Here is the angle game that Miss Collins shared with you today click here to access 6D please use this link to fill in some information for Mr Duffy. 20120424-165730.jpg 20120424-165741.jpg 20120424-165750.jpg 20120424-165802.jpg Check out our amazing skills on the vault today!

Here are some websites which will be helpful for you to practice your Maths, English and Science work.

KS2 Bitesize

KS3 Bitesize

Woodlands Juniors SATs Revision

SATs Revision

Hello Year 6, Here is the video that I promised you, which will hopefully help you with percentages. There are lots of help videos on the Internet if you need to watch them, but start with mine first. Percentage help video – Mr Duffy Also, here is the SATs spelling sheet. Enjoy your weekend. . . Hello Year 6, well done for all your hard work this half term. I hope you all have a great week off! Miss F Today, we were lucky enough to have theatre Adad visit us and teach us about the dangers of drugs, both legal and illegal drugs.

Changes, Changes Everywhere!

Wow, our new topic has really inspired you all. I have been super impressed with your thirst for new information about animals, their habitats and adaption. I promised you I would post the link the exciting and very informative National Geographic kids site – here it is!

Happy New Year, Year 6!

We had a fabulous start to the term today – I was so impressed with your attitude and work ethic. Here is the deadly sixty quiz that we look at today! Click here to play. . .

Hello Year 6,

The time is flying by, but we are getting through so much at the moment! We have been learning about Ancient Greece and all the interesting stories from that period in History, as well as the differences between Sparta and Athens.

Why not have a look at this site here to find out more facts! Mr Donn’s Ancient Greece Site

Here is the homework for this week – 2nd December

Set A Set B


Here is the homework,

Set A Set B

Newsround link is on the left hand side of the blog.

Well done to Nermeen, she has started to add some interesting facts to our wall about Ancient Greece. I think she has been reading one of our interesting facts books about the Greeks. What do you want to know? Add what you know or what you would like to know? Hello Year 6, Wow, one half term already under our belts, that’s gone awfully quick! I wanted to let you know about our new topic for next half term, which is Ancient Greece! I would like to find out what you would like to know about this period in history and the people who lived through it! Please use this link to share your questions Post your questions here Thanks, Mr Duffy 20111020-071759.jpg 20111020-071811.jpg 20111020-071820.jpg 20111020-071935.jpgWe have been learning about slavery, look at our amazing artwork based on what we have learnt. We focused on creating a mood in our picture. Hello Year 6,

Here is your homework: there are two sets of sheets, check which one is yours.

Set A Set B

I really hope you all had a fabulous time in the school holidays and are settling into year 6. I have heard wonderful reports from Miss Bates telling me you have all made a great start to the year so well done! It is so lovely to hear you are all doing well when I am so far away! I am currently in Brisbane in Australia having a lovely time catching up with Miss Field; she is getting married in 1week, very exciting! It is just the start of Springtime here and it is already 28 degrees which is very hot! Anyway, I hope you all continue to enjoy year 6: post some messages on here to let know how you’re getting on. See you soon! Miss F


Congratulations Year 6 – you have finished primary school!

You were all fabulous on the last day of term and your t-shirts looked wonderful by the end of the day.

Thank you all so much for your presents and the lovely words in your cards too – my mantle piece looks very colourful!

I wish you all huge happiness and success next year. Enjoy the summer holidays and don’t forget to come back and visit when you have settled in to Year 7!

Mrs Couch : )


Hello Year 6,

Gosh, our final week at school, your final week at Sir John Lillie Primary School.

Tomorrow, we are going on our Chessington trip – here is the letter that you received on Friday regarding the trip. Click here

I have also checked the weather, it states there may be showers throughout the day – so please ensure you are dressed appropriately and remember EVERYONE must be wearing their school jumper.


Hello Year 6 – as promised I have put the backing track on the MLE with the lyrics. Go and have a listen and know the words, ready for Monday.


Hello 6C and well done for the first performance of Peter Pan yesterday!

Yes…the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived…your SATs results are back!

I will give them to you on Friday(tomorrow). If you are visiting Fulham Cross for your Induction Day you can come back to school at 3.30 and collect them if you want to, or I will keep them for you until Monday. Enjoy your induction day.

Mrs Couch

Thursday 16th June

Hello Year 6, I hope you have all dried off by now!

A huge well done to all of you for today’s trip – what fun! Just like Mr Duffy, I feel very tired now ;)

I wonder how many of you will have sore arms in the morning after all that paddling?

There will be lots more photos appearing on the MLE very soon, but here is one picture from today:

Don’t forget, the adults who came with us made your trip possible, so don’t forget to thank them when you see them tomorrow.

Just one week to go until our next trip…fingers crossed the sun will shine for that one!

Mrs Couch

Thursday 16th June

What a brilliant day, year 6! I am now very tired from our bell boating. I hope you had a fabulous time and a HUGE thanks for Mrs Couch, who organised todays trip and all the adults who supported and allowed it to happen. Some photographs will soon be appearing on the school blog!

Mr D


Happy weekend 6C!

Remember your homework is to learn your lines for the production, think about what your costume should look like, or make sure you know what props are needed in each scene if you are backstage crew.

You did very well making your newspaper chair this week and I am looking forward to testing out its strength on Monday! (let’s hope it doesn’t collapse and leave me in a heap on the floor!)

Here is a little riddle for you to think about over the weekend – you can post your answer here, or on our MLE page in the ‘chat’ section. There are house points available for the correct answer:

I have streets but no pavement, cities but no buildings, I have forests but no trees, I have rivers yet no water. What am I?

See you on Monday and don’t forget your trip letter and money, SRE slip and PE kit!

Mrs Couch


Hello 6C and 6D! Congratulations to those of you who didn’t go to France for a fabulous ‘Travel week.’ I have enjoyed hearing all the facts you discovered about Spain and France and I was very impressed by your Spanish and French language skills too! Well done 6D (aka France) for winning the European Games event today – better luck next time 6C (Spain)! You should all be very proud of how well both classes worked together during ‘The Games’ and baking for our cake sale. We raised a lot of money for your trips today, so well done and thank you to everyone who helped! Have a lovely holiday. See you on Tuesday 7 June. Mrs Couch

22nd May 2011

Hello Year 6,

I hope you’re all having a good weekend, even though today is terribly windy. Hopefully, you are all very excited about our up and coming end of year production. As you all now know your parts, you should ensure that you become familiar with the scenes in which you will perform. Those children who are performing backstage roles; you need to ensure you know about the props needed, scene changes and sound and lighting prompts.

This is the last week before half term now, and boy has it been hectic! We have worked our little socks off this half term and previous ones in preparation to show off our skills to everyone. However, remember we still have lots of important things to do before we say goodbye and you start you secondary school career.

Enjoy your week, I know I will and all those children coming to France this week! We will keep you posted throughout the week with our exciting adventures!!

Mr Duffy.


Congratulations 6C!

You have managed two weeks in a row of 100% attendance!

And…because you all arrived on time last week too, we have won the big cuddly teddy for the first time this school year – hooray!

Keep up the good work: I am very proud of you!

Mrs Couch

Hope all is going well with your revision, year 6! If you need any help leave a comment on the blog and I will post some links to help!

1st April

Homework to be in on Monday 4th April; English: write a descriptive story, which includes, two characters, at least three suborodinate clauses and the many other features that are included in a story. Remember to also include how the characters feel. Think about the tense and person’ in which you are writing. Maths: Practice and write down all of your time tables other than 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 11. Therefore the ones you need to write down and practice are, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Also you need to change these fractions into decimals and percentages; two thirds; 4/12, 13/16, 8/16, 24/56 and 34/25.


Hello 6D, Hope you are working hard on your homework. . . I thought I’d share another clip art, that I created. . . if you have any that you would like sharing we will discuss this tomorrow. What do you think, do you like it?


Hello 6C,

I hope you are enjoying your week off after a very busy and hard working first half of term! Make sure you go through your homework papers carefully to work out where you are making avoidable mistakes and also to find out which areas you find really tricky. We will be looking at the papers on Monday and talking about any problems.

Your amazing superhero pictures are up on the walls now. I think you will love seeing them; they are so bright and colourful!

Don’t forget your spelling list is available on the MLE. Keep practising all of the words to make sure you do well in the weekly test after the holiday!

Let’s see if we can win that lovely, cuddly teddy this half term: remember you need to be IN the classroom BY 8.55 for us to be in with a chance!

See you on Monday (28th Feb),

Mrs Couch

20.2.11 Hello 6D, It is the half term holidays, wow! We have worked hard this half term and are going to continue to do so, as I know you can do it! When we get back to school, our blog will be the focus of the quad blogging project we are taking part in. Please remember you are able to update the blog too! Why not write a story or a recount of your holiday. It’d be great to read your work. Remember our saying;

‘Write in your book, your teacher will see it.

Write on the blog, potentially, the whole world will see it!’

I will put the email and password on our class MLE page, so if you cannot remember it then you can collect it from there. Enjoy your week off!


Hello 6D, I hope you are all getting on well with your homework, I have created a link here to some guidance on writing a a balanced argument. Use this BBC website and click on argument to help you! Remember to work through all your papers, attempt every question and then we will discuss the ones you found difficult on Monday. In addition to your homework, we are starting Quad blogging next week. . . We will have a strong focus on our work being on the blog and using it to support other children and learn about different schools and the way they do things. Is it similar to us or different. Here are the links to the three other schools; school is the first week focus. . . have a look at their site and think about some positive comments and questions we could post! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Hello 6C!

Another week has flown by and it will be half term in just 7 days!

I hope you enjoyed our giant ‘Battleships’ game on Monday – you will need to use your new coordinates knowledge for some of your homework this week!

You have written some fabulous persuasive letters this week too. I wonder whether they will be persuasive enough though?!

Your homework is on the MLE and you can also find some new photos and videos if you hunt in the right places!

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Couch


Hello 6C!

Well done for being fabulous scientists this week! I really enjoyed the work you did on reversible and non-reversible changes, even if you did make the classroom smell a bit odd!

Your homework is up on the MLE and so are the photos of your experiments.

There will be more pictures (of your beautiful bookmarks) and videos (of your biography and autobiography plays) on the MLE soon, so keep checking!

Mrs Couch


Please click here to access and try out something new which I have been playing around with to help you with your writing.

You will probably have to sign up with your own email address. Remember e-safety rules apply, don’t post your full name or contact details.


Hello 6C!

I hope you are having a good weekend. Well done for your AMAZING literacy, drama and ICT work on biographies and autobiographies last week. You did such a good job and I am looking forward to making your work into a special booklet to keep in our classroom.

I hope your science revision homework is going well – don’t forget to bring me your ‘3 things I want to know more about’ list. This week we will be looking at more reversible and irreversible changes, so get your thinking hats on and be ready for more experiments!

See you on Monday!

Mrs Couch

29th January 2011

Hello 6D your homework is all on our MLE, located on our homework page. Yesterday was a great day, I thoroughly enjoyed our science session and the very interesting questions you posed! I am impressed. . . On the MLE page I have posted a link to some science videos, some of which we looked at last year. Refresh yourselves on these here. Remember to bring in your booster letters for Monday. Boosters will start on Tuesday 1st February, remember to remind your parents.

22nd January

Hello 6D, as you know your homework is on the MLE on the homework page. Hope you have a great weekend.


Happy weekend 6C!

Your homework is up on the MLE. Remember it is due in by Tuesday.

Question (worth 100 house points): I have a drawer of 20 red socks, 20 green socks and 20 blue socks. When I get up in the morning I can’t turn the light on or I will wake up Mr Couch! How many socks do I have to pull out in the dark, to make sure I get a matching pair?

See you on Monday!

Mrs Couch


Hello 6C!

I hope you are enjoying reading your lovely new books! It is wonderful to see how well you are looking after them. I am really looking forward to hearing all about your favourite bits. Don’t forget, you could tell your friends which ones you recommend, so they know what to pick next time! : )

Remember your P.E. days have changed to WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY this term.

So far this term, I have awarded almost 1000 house points to members of 6C who have been on the MLE and answered brain teasers on the chat page…have you had a go yet?

Mrs Couch


Hello Year 6!

I feel like I haven’t written on the blog for such a long time. Hope you all had a great week, last week. As you will see on the home page of the blog I have updated the post regarding newsletters and a great new website.

6D I am back this week and as I said previously the hard work and concentration is now needed more than ever. Though I know you can do this. As I wasn’t in Friday, you haven’t had homework in a physical sesne, but I did talk to you about ensuring you practised things such as spellings and timestables, these are all things you can do on your own. I am now attaching the link to the sheet of spellings so you can have this online too! I will also provide a link to it on the MLE.

See you tomorrow.

Mr Duffy.


Hello 6C!

Are you sad the snow has melted? To cheer you up, I have put some lovely new pictures (of you making Christmas decorations) on the MLE. They are in two separate places, so you will have to look around to find them!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, see you on Monday,

Mrs Couch :)


Hello 6C!

I hope you enjoyed your extra day off school and used it to do some fabulous homework for me :)

Don’t forget the homework is always on the MLE now, not here.

I am really looking forward to this week because we are going to be doing some fun activities!

See you on Monday,

Mrs Couch


Hello 6C!

Don’t forget to check the MLE for your homework and remember, there is a forum on the homework section of 6C’s room where you need to leave a comment! See you tomorrow, Mrs Couch

Olympics Day – Ancient Greece


Hello 6C,

Your homework is to have a good look around the MLE and try out some of the games on the maths page. There is a forum in the homework section where you can tell the rest of the class about your favourite websites for games.

Remember you should also be reading a news article in a paper or listening to one on TV or the radio which you will be able to talk about on Monday.

Just like 6D, you will have a random spelling test on Wednesday – the words could come from any of the tests you have had so far, so go back on Spelling City and practise!

6th November

Hello 6D – your homework this week is to complete as much of the measures sheet as you can. Also, practise ALL of your previous spellings, as you will have a random spelling test on Wednesday. Please also check the MLE to find some revision sheets for English, Maths & Science. Use the game below to help with your homework.


Happy Halloween 6C!

Just a quick reminder: don’t forget a warm coat for our trip tomorrow and REMEMBER YOUR PERMISSION SLIPS PLEASE!!

Have a look at T’Shane’s finished Prezi on Ancient Greece

Hello 6D, just to remind you that your homework is on the MLE (a link to this is available on the left hand side) Hope your have a great holiday. . .


Hello 6C – enjoy your week off school!

Here is your homework: A) Please learn these spellings for a test on Tuesday: Group 1 Group 2 B) Fill in the diary sheet every day with a short account of what you did during half term. Try to write events down in the order that they happen. C) Practise all your times tables every day, ready for a test next week. D) Complete the maths sheet – Please try your best, even if you find it difficult. The tips on the back of the sheet should help you! E) Design a shield for a soldier of Sparta or Athens – You may want to research the symbols and logos used by each city state before you start. Remember the kinds of colours the Ancient Greeks had available and remember there was no TV, internet, electricity or anything like a car or bus in 3000 BC!


Have a fun Halloween, see you on the 1st of November.

Mrs Couch

6C – Yipee! I have just found this spooky Halloween game. Type the spellings as fast as you can to kill the ghosts before they get you!

Ghost Game

You’ll have to be fast – good luck!

Mrs Couch ;)


Hello 6C – Happy weekend!

Here is your homework: 1. Your spellings are online – click the link to find them Group 1 Group 2 2. Think about the character you created during the week. Remember what you decided about their personality and what they liked doing. Write a description of what they would have done on a regular weekend. HINT: You will need to think about where they live, who they live with. Do they like weekends? Did the weather make them happy or sad? The possibilities are endless! 3. This week we have been learning how to add and subtract decimals on paper and using a calculator. Please answer the questions on your sheet.

4) Pick one of the Greek Gods we learnt about this week, find 3 facts about him or her and write them down. You can find information at your local library, you could ask to look through one of my books or you might want to try these websites for help:

Have a lovely weekend, see you Monday

Mrs Couch :)


Hello 6C!

Most of you have already asked your parents to sign up for parents’ evening next week – well done! Please make sure you all reserve a slot as it is very important that your parents have a chance to come and find out how you are doing in Year 6 : ) Mrs Couch


Hello 6C, here is your homework!

A) Click on the links below to go to your spelling list at SpellingCity Group 1 Group2 B) We have been thinking about Genres in Literacy. Write down the title and author of your favourite book at home. Tell me which genre you think it is…and why. What tells you it is one genre or another? Be specific – that means give me details! C) Copy out the separate sheet of maths questions. D) We have been learning about differences between Athens and Sparta. Pretend you live in Athens. Write a list of your daily routine from waking up until going to bed. For example: 6.00 – I get up and have to milk the cows 7.00 – I spend 2 hours shopping for food in the market. 9.00 – I have lessons in mathematics for 1.5hrs. This must be about the way people used to live in ancient Greek times so think about the rules of the city you choose! Have a lovely weekend. Mrs Couch


Hello 6D, Sorry the homework was not up sooner. Your homework is now on the MLE (Fronter) remember you will need to log in and it is on the homework page. There is some maths homework to do as well as spellings with sentences. All of you must practise your times tables. Try the Maths page on the MLE, this has some links to websites which can help you with learning your tables. The link to the MLE is on the side bar,on the bottom left hand side, you may need to scroll down the page a little. Click on it for it to take you there. . . Enjoy your weekend!


Happy weekend 6C – here is your homework!

1. Your spelling lists can be found on a website called SpellingCity, where you can play games and test yourself. Click on your group name below and it will take you straight through to your list. Group 1 Group22. Practise your times tables for a test next week. Also: (a) Write down the price of your favourite 3 snacks. (b) Add them up, round the total price to the nearest £1 and write that down. (c) What is the smallest number of £1 coins you need to take to the shop to be able to buy one of each of the three snacks? (Warning! If you have rounded some of the prices down in part (b) you may need to think very carefully!) 3. Today is the 1st of October. Work out how many days left until: Halloween Bonfire Night Christmas Day Your next birthday. Show how you worked out each one. 4. Use the library or the internet to find 1 piece of information about your Literacy group continent and 1 about your Numeracy group river. Remember: There are house points available for interesting and unique information! See you on Monday, Mrs Couch ************

Hello 6C, I hope you have had a good weekend!

Here is a reminder of the little challenge I set for you a week ago. One person has already solved it and a few are very close – can you be one of the first 10 people to get the answer right and win 500 house points? A man said: “2 days ago I was 26. Next year I will be 29.” He cannot travel through time and he is telling the truth. What date is his birthday? Post your answers on the blog. Remember: always have confidence in your own answer, even if others write something else – you might be the only one who gets it right! See you tomorrow! Mrs Couch : )

6D – Remember your homework is on our MLE


Hello 6C – as promised, I have found the blog!

Here is your homework – remember it needs to be handed in by Tuesday! Your spelling lists can be found on a website called SpellingCity, where you can play games and test yourself. Click on your group name below and it will take you straight through to your list. Group 1 spellings Group 2 spellings The second part of your homework is to listen to a conversation this weekend and write it down using a different word instead of said every time someone finishes speaking. For example: “Good morning!” called the postman! “Hiya,” I replied.The third part of your homework is to copy out and complete the number sequences you were given yesterday. Clue: Think about the difference between each number in the sequence and try to spot a pattern. It looks the rain is going to stay away for the weekend, so have fun! Mrs Couch : )

Hello Year 6

On this page you will find homework, photos, videos and details of events coming up over the course of the year. Mrs Couch and myself will be updating the blog on a weekly basis, so ensure that you keep yourself up to date. If you have an email address then you can subscribe to the blog; in doing this you will receieve notifications of when the blog has been updated!

You have all started year 6 and been introduced to two words which are extremely important in the year ahead. These are Rights and Responsibility. We have discussed these two words in 6D and also in upper school assembly. It is important to remember that you are now year 6 and are role models for the rest of the pupils at Sir John Lillie.

6D your spellings can be found here;

Group A – words ending with ive

Group B – high frequency words

Also remember to practise your times tables, especially your 6, 7, 8 and 9’s. You also need to complete a description of your local area. Homework will be now collected on a Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Hello guys it’s me tyron am really working hard am a 4b in English and in maths am a level 4b/4a and am try my best aim going a level 5. And hope you the best luck the new year 6 and try your best to aim a level 5 and thank you for help when I was in nursery to year 5 thank you xxxxxxx

    Thank you to mala, ms Thompson, Brandon and all of my friend love you guy 💋❤️😄😄😄😄💋😄💋💋💋💋💋😄❤️❤️❤️😹😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😂😂 and sue Hayward

  2. I am going to miss SJL like mad xxxxx I hope you guys do well in the future and have a good summer holiday :) I am going to visit everyday after school to keep in touch xx

    • Hello Mia, it’s good to see you checking the blog and keeping up with our SJL news! We are very well thank you. Year six are doing their SATs this week so it’s a big week! I hope you are doing well at secondary school; come and visit us when you get the chance.
      Miss F

  3. Hello 6D and 6H

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far x I cant wait for my week off school, its so exciting xoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. Hello year 6

    Well done for your OUTSTANDING!! performance this morning, in front of both year 4 and 5 classes. Even Sue was there and Mr Duffy!

    I thought you were all amazing you should be very proud of yourselves.. good luck in secondary

  5. 1.Polar bears lay down on their tummys to spread their weight if the ice they are walking on is to heavy.

    2.Humans are the only predator to Polar bears.

    3.Polr bears fur are not white. They are actually clear hollow tubes.

  6. Hello year 6 looks like your working really hard. I really like the pictures of the umbrellas and the russian dolls. They loom amazing

    • I can’t wait till SAT’S.i want to get it over with. Year 6 have been working hard and Miss Folkard are we going to the science museum.


    There has been breaking news that a school in Fulham has closed down for 2 days because there has been a gas leak. Sue Hayward and the office were texting the children’s parents to say that Sir John Lillie Primary will be closed because of a gas leak. The gas leak could have been very dangerous and the school closed on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th January 2013.
    Mrs Hayward suggested that the school should be closed. Miss Jackson said ‘’that’s unbelievable’’.

    Miss Folkard said to the children in year 6 that the children should have homework because Wednesday is a school day and if the children didn’t have school on Thursday they would have to go on the school blog and do the rest of it.


    On Tuesday 22nd of January 2013, the school teachers at Sir John Lillie in Fulham found out that they had a gas leak.
    They were thinking it would get worse so they closed the school for 2 days. The 1st day is when they fixed it but the school rang the parents to tell them that there was no school on Thursday as well because they wanted to double check that the gas leak was fixed.
    When everyone found out there was school on Friday the children were so annoyed and the parents were so happy that there was school.
    Abdirahman from Year 5 said, “I’m so upset, why do I have to go back to school. I wish I had another day off!”

    On Wednesday the 23rd of January Sir John Lillie Primary School has been closed because of a serious gas leak. Miss Jackson said that’s unbelievable , the children parents were waiting for news until the gas leaking has stopped leaking.
    Eventually the parents received terrible new that the school needed one more day to get warmer .Sue said Im sorry but the school must be closed immediately to keep your children safe.
    Sadly 6f could not go to their trip on the 23rd of January and they had to residual their trip. Miss Folkcard said can this get any worse.
    6J and 6F were set to have homework due on Wednesday and Thursday and the rest of it is due on the blog. Joy said that’s so unfair the homework was set by Miss Jackson and Miss Folkcard.

  10. Miss Jackson there was no questions at page 64 & 65 but there’s questions at page 56 & 57 and its about the Robin Hood story

  11. hello miss Jackson you know our home/school work, in the English CGP book there is no questions on page 64 and 65, so can I answer the questions on page 62 and 63 ? :)

  12. Hi guys how are you I can not find the homework that Magill gave us. Anyway I am so sleepy because my older sister Chyna woke me up early, Miss Jackson when can we give out cards to our class? I am doing some ICT work today because I have nothing to do right now
    Love From THE ONE THE ONLY,I think, MIA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) <3

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  28. My name is Enesa and I am going to blog about school.

    Today,in the morning,we did maths groups and we did a mental maths test. After that we did big writing. Our task was to write a newspaper report about a child who has broken a world record.

    We had assembly and we found out what gruop was going ice skating it was tolkien. Then we had playtime, which was very fun but it was raining so it was quite wet. I predict that it is going to be wet play in the afternoon so we can watch a DVD.

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    I am on the blog to inspire you and to make you feel better. If you have any comments please don’t feel shy please reply and express your feelings.

  31. Last Friday a group of children from year 6’s went to the Lyric theatre to see Cinderella. I think Buttons was the best character because he made us all laugh. My favorite bit was when 5 people walked onto the stage and started to do ‘Gangham Style’ (everybody laughed.) It was really fun and I enjoyed it.
    At the end of the play Buttons got his fairy wings and started to fly. When we got back to school we ate are lunches. The step mum and the ugly sisters were really funny, I wish I could go again. I also liked it when Buttons chanted ‘ that’s not your present’ when somebody tried to steal the shiny present. All the teachers who came enjoyed it as well.

  32. Hi i am Mia and I am going to talk about…TEACHERS FASHION!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way Miss Folkard I love your SPARKLES :) So the first thing I am going to talk about is SHOES I love shoes so much. So today Miss Jackson is wearing… boots from Harrods WOW!!!!! amazing she has good taste hehe :).

    Now we are going to talk about… SPARKLES!!! Miss Folkard knows about that more than anyone in the school but a sad moment has come :( I am not in Miss Folkards class so I can not talk about her Fashion today but when I get to I will post back. I love GUCCI! :) I love the shoes, bags and more I love it so much, I also like others but here is a question;

    1. What kind of clothes do you like?

    2. Ask Miss Folkard from 6F what clothes she likes and tell me on the Year 6 page an I will comment back

    Sadly it is the end but be happy and comment back x

  33. Hello my name is Chloe and I have a good sense of fashion. Today I’m going to talk about celebrities and how well dressed they are so let’s get started.
    Let us start with ‘Girls Aloud’ and their leather. Have you seen Cheryl Cole new yellow leathery dress?
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    Then we have Little Mix and they are on my top 10 ten on the fashion list with their colourful dresses.
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    If you had a nice dress or a shirt (for all the guys) what colour would you make it?
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  35. Hello year six,I hope your having a brilliant holiday.its halloween today.i am having a massive party at my house today.what are you doing?hope you have fun today…

  36. Hello year six hope you all have a fantastic holiday. It looks like you have been doing loads of work in your classes. I saw the photos when you went to your trip. Was it fun? What did you do? What did you see? Hope you had fun have a great holiday

  37. Wel done to the new year six. I really miss going to sir John lillie a lot hi all of the teachers. Miss folkard and mr Duffy do you still miss us because we all miss you a lot and want to come back

  38. Hello Mr Duffy long ago Miss Hill Yard i think told us a website with that you can make a tunes out of it it was with a car and it goes along and your tune plays whats the website again?

  39. Miss Folkard I done my homework and brought in my homework book I just need to do the sentences where should I do them

  40. Farmers put fertilizers and pesticides on their crops so that their crops grow better. But these fertilizers and pesticides can be washed
    through the soil by rain, to end up in rivers. Fertilizers and pesticides are harmful because they cause algae to grow. The algae then destroy
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    Effects of pollution

    Pollution kills water plants and animals.

    Polluted water also carries diseases. When animals drink the water, they may get diseases which can kill them. People can even get these
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    Polluted rivers smell bad.


    Efforts are being made to clean dirty rivers. Water companies like Southern Water are spending a lot of money to clean up dirty rivers. There
    are fines for companies and people who deliberately throw rubbish into the river.

  41. hello Miss F!
    I hope you are doing well with the new 6F !
    I am really enjoying Lady Margaret and have made lots of new friends :D I have a half day soon so I can come and visit :)

  42. Information about the River Thames.

    1) It is the longest river in England and the second longest in the United Kingdom.

    2) It’s total length is 215 miles (346km)

    3) In 1953 a bad storm pushed a lot of sea water into the mouth of the Thames. Around 300 people drowned as well as 9000 sheep 2400 pigs and 70 horses.

    4) Did you know London is sinking at an estimated 12 inches (30cm) every 100 years?

  43. Hello SJL!

    It’s Jamilah and Abbie. We hope you are having fun going on trips and everything. Good luck with yours SATs results, we hope you all did well! It’s so different in secondary school there are so many different teachers to go to.

    Miss you loads!

  44. Heyy SJL its Abbie and Jamilah from last year!!

    Have fun and hope you done good in your SATs! :)
    Bye :P

  45. heyyyy mr duffy , i hope everything is going well and i wish all those that have there sats soon good luck. hope to see you soon .

  46. hey Mr Duffy hope you are doing well with your new year six class and they had fun in france i also hope they do well in there sax test and hi to the 3 gerbils timmy tommy tiny

  47. I tried the angle game and I got on the dot like I done in class.But Mr Duffy can you post a game of translation and rotation and reflection

  48. Mr Duffy can I do another poster because I was not that happy with the one we did in I.C.T this morning. :) :o

  49. Hello Mr Duffy I came around to sjl today to say hello but apparently there was a show going on so i couldnt get in :(

    • Hello Gregory,

      It’s great to hear from you! We did have a show on yesterday – what a shame the times clashed! I hope you are well and secondary school is everything you expected and hopefully more. Try and pop in another time and let me know how you’re getting on!

      Take care,
      Mr Duffy

  50. I’ve entered the competition on the school blog for the describing story. I really want to win this amazing competition or come runner up.I really want to know what the prize is to this competition?

  51. Hello MR Duffy or Miss Folkard I can’t find my little information slip on homework is it possible to show me the science information please :()

  52. hello ! i haven’t been on our blog for ages ! I liked our argument on ‘should animals be kept in zoo’s?’ today and i can’t wait to finish off the dance! See you all tomorrow :D Chloe

    • Hello Miss Folkard, I haven’t been on the blog for ages. I am going to do extra homework about the Ancient Greek Gods and Godesses. I hope that you have a good day tommorow. bye :)

  53. hi this is chelsea that use to be in 6d i am here say hello to all the teachers and student in sir john lillie and tell my brother tyron that i said hello

    take care
    Mr duffy & and all the students and teacher.
    i am giving a math link on bye : )

  54. Mr Duffy here is my speech for the mediator jacket

    In Sir John Lillie school we have some children who are mediators.

    Who are mediators?
    Mediators are children who will be in the playground to help children. For example if a young child had lost their friends or had nobody to play with, the mediators would help them find someone to play with or help them find their friends. Another thing a mediator would do is if a child is having a fight they would try and help them resolve it and if it is to much for them the teacher would help solve it out.
    By stephanie

  55. we learn about greece
    we have been having the football pitch
    we cross are fingure to get the ice cream
    and for are reading records score for the football pitch

  56. Homework from 14/10/11


    1.Where did most slaves travel from to Britain?
    Most slaves came from the west Indies because it was a British Colony
    2.How did the slave trade come to a end?
    The English Protestants and the Quakers united to abolish the slave trade.
    3.What was life like for the slaves?
    It was a difficult life, they had to work hard and were treated badly.
    4.What were slaves used for?
    They were used in servants in large houses.
    5.Why were Africans used as slaves?
    A huge slave trade had emerged in Africa which made it easier to trade.
    6.When did the slave trade end in Britain?
    The Civil war (1861-1865)

      • Miss Folkard, do we have to bring our homework in tomorrow or on Tuesday becuase i’m doing extra homework and i’m not sure if i’m going to finish it today.

        Is that alright or will i still get a detention?

        PS: how was your half term, did you have fun? :) I hope you did; i did

        Cann’t wait till school tommorow I missed you all lots :)

      • Yes Nermen your homework is due on Tuesday, try to get your story done but of course you can have as much time as you like for your extra work!

        I had a lovely half term thank you, very relaxing. I hope you enjoyed yours too?

      • My story is really great and i can’t wait till you get to read it and then mark it for me!!! I done it a bit like diary of a whimpy kid, but it’s comedy and romance. Is that ok?
        How long does our story have to be? I’ve already done 4 pages!!! plus i’m dgoing to do extra homework and it’s a suprise but i’m worhing at it now. Also I wanted to ask you something, do you know at the top of the page it says click here to write facts about Ancient Greece is it for 6D or us?

      • Wow Nermen you have been busy! I am looking forward to reading your story and seeing what extra homework you have done! Of course you can put your Ancient Greece information on there as well, I’m sure Mr Duffy would be pleased. See you in the morning.

        Miss F

      • I’m extra lucky because my reading book is about Greeks so I have a lot of facts to write about them. Also I was thinking could I do the extra homework i n my homework book.Plus Ms Bates said that i could practise what i learnt in maths today, so can i please do it in my homework book and i’m not sure if i’m going to finish it off today either because it was really long.
        – & also Ms Bates told us to go on the n-rich website, i went on it and it was really good. i’ll try finish off the rest of my extra homework today :)

      • Hi Miss Folkard, how are you doing? This week has past so quickly!!!
        I hope that your having a great time. Also did you like my story? I hope so :)

  57. What was life like for slaves?

    Life was hard and rough they had small sheds to sleep in and never
    bathed. Life for them was not healthy. they didn’t have good times like we have now days. They had to work all the time from early morning to night. They have to work for people. They get whipped most of the time. They had to walk around not healthy all day, they had to walk around dirty, and they don’t eat whenever they want. This is what like was like during slavery.

      • Miss Folkard, i lost the sheet of paper so i don’t know what the he spelling questions were and i forgot the spellings’ so could you please put it on the blog so i can bring it in on Monday because i will be cheking on the blog to see if you have replied yet.

      • I’m afraid I don’t have the questions with me at home Nermen. I can remember a couple of them though so here are the ones I can remember:

        When did slavery end in the uk?
        Where did slaves travel from?
        What was life like for slaves?
        How did slavery come to an end?

        You can use the brainpop website to help find the answers. If you want to have a go today that’s great but if not I can give you a spare sheet tomorrow. See you in the morning!

  58. My homework:

    about slavery

    1.Where did most of the slaves travel from to Britain?
    the west Indies

    2.How did the slave trade come to a end?
    A man called Abraham Lincoln stopped by writing a letter

    3.What was life like for the slaves?
    it was a very hard life for all the slaves

    4.what were slaves used for?
    they were kepted as farm labourers and if they didn’t work they could get killed.

    5.why were Africans used as slaves?
    because if they talk about native Americans they refer to Africans.

    6.When did the slave trade end in Britain?
    The Civil war (1861-1865)

    • Well done for finding out some information Cody. Try to find out a little more about what life was like for the slaves.
      Also, native Americans and Africans are not the same thing. Native Americans are the original people of America and Africans are from Africa.
      Have a good Sunday evening, see you in the morning!

  59. Miss Couch here is my homework for the Olympics


    1. Archery is a Olympic sport where you get a bow and arrow and try to shoot the targets.

    2. A expert at archery is know as a toxophilite.

    3. Archery was created in North Hamburg.

    Olympic Diving

    1.Diving was first introduced at the summer Olympic games in 1904.

    2. Men spring boards where added to the Olympics in 1908.

    3. The center of the first dive was named St.Louis.

    Water polo

    1. Water polo is a team water sport in the Olympics.

    2. On the field there are six field players and one goal keeper.

    3. There are seven players on each team

  60. Hi Mr Duffy i left school today and i went manchester. tell the whole class that i said goodbye to them and i hope best wishes to them.

  61. Best wishes class hope secondery school goes well. Gregory roy your the coolest friends i can have and sean agein show them mr d. mr duffy this is a message for you hope you do well with your new class tell roy greg and sean thx so much guys

  62. its james gregory roy your my best ever friends hope you do well mr duffy your the best teacher i can have plx show the class this massage best of wishes.

      • I loved your card! Thank you Nermeen.
        I can see you have been doing some fabulous work on rivers too. Year 6 are also investigating rivers at the moment.
        You wrote that “the Nile is the biggest river”…what does ‘biggest’ mean? Can you be more specific? Have you thought about words like longest, deepest, most water?
        Mrs Couch : )

  63. Mr Duffy if you can’t swim ten metres by your self, then you tick no.Would you still be able to go on the trip?

  64. Mr Duffy, I’m having trouble trying to remember my actions. Do you have any advice that I could follow.

    • Hello T’Shane, my first bit of advice would be DON’T WORRY!!

      We will be starting full rehearsals tomorrow pretty much until performance day. I’m really impressed that you have been practising your actions.

      I’ll see you tomorrow!
      Mr Duffy

  65. Hello mr Duffy just like to say hope your having fun in year 6 all year six students listen up! Secondary shcool isn’t that difficult but you should try your best and concentrate in your sats exams because if you dont it will effect you in the future

    • Hello Nasir, I hope you’re well and working hard. Thank you for your message. We, in year 6, are all good and now getting ready for our performance and end of year trips! Keep up the effort at secondary school and you will succeed in what you want to achieve.

      Mr Duffy

  66. 10 X

    125X 10=1250
    50x 60=3000
    10 / (divied)
    45/ 6=7.5

  67. Mr Duffy i have a black science booklet and i think i kept all of them in there because there are six in there and i think i forgot to take the ones i dont need out

  68. HelloYear 6…

    Thought I’d send you a little ‘hello’ to wish you luck with your revision this holiday……I hope you are having fun too……especially getting out and about in the lovely weather……I think little bits of revision often is better than long periods of revision…what do you think? Anyway….goodluck …see you next Tuesday!

  69. Mr Duffy in the black science test there is two of each test like paper2 testA theres another one paper2 test A but they are different tests and the answers isn’t in the answer booklet

  70. Mr Duffy i could not come to school today because i went to the dentist and they took my top tooth out, then they gave me some kind of medicine and i had to stay in bed for like 3 or 4 hours

    • Anisa, your homework this week is to write a non chronological report about any subject you choose. I suggested that you may want to write another report about an animal, but you can choose any issue/object.

      Remember everything we have spoken about, 3rd person, present tense, technical language and clear paragraphs (make a point then expand it!)

      Mr Duffy.

  71. Hi, I’m Charlie from one of the quad blogging schools (Werrington Primary), and I’ve loved looking at all of your work! I particularly enjoyed the pictures of your school trips! It’s such a shame it’s the end of your quad blogging week, but whenever I get spare time I will have a look!

    Happy quad blogging! :-) ;)

  72. I think that kids under 16 should be allwoed to have fast food but only one two weeks because its not helfy for your body! :)
    seeta from werrington

  73. I miss year 6 sooooooooo much. I hate secondary school , I liked yr6 because you don’t have to change classes but yr7 you have to go all the way to the bottom and back up again and secondly the give you about 12 H/W a week.
    You yr 6 guys are next so get ready

  74. Hi im megan and I am a quad blogger.In fact I was just Taking a look at your fantastic work but what really caught my eye was your school trip to london zoo!

    It looked like so much fun was it?

    Was it fun?
    what was your favourite part?
    did you see any interesting animals?

    I hope you had fun I know I would of! :-)

  75. Hello im Jade and i love to quad blog its great. what do you think?
    Your trip to the London zoo looked like it was great fun. What was the best bit?


  76. Hi I’m Shazia of Werrington primary school in peterborough and my class is part of the quad blog. I think your blog is amazing and packed with a lot of useful info, Good job with blogging and I hope you enjoy our blog too! :)

  77. Your trip to London zoo looked great fun what was your favourite part? My favourite was the red panda they look so cute!!! ;)

  78. Your trip to london zoo looked amazing. i kept pausing the video on the red panda. that is my favourite animal in the world. At our school we had table names and my table was the red pandas they are so cute!!! ;)

    • I agree Anisa, though remember the title, ‘Should smoking be banned in public places?’ Think about the for and against. People who smoke do you think they want to be outside, should people have the choice to smoke or should people be told what to do?

      Remember we ARE NOT advocating smoking but think about the arguments for both sides. A balanced argument is showing you can be fair to both sides, regardless of your own opinions, that is until your final paragraph when you can then give your own opinions.

      Keep going. . . .

  79. Within an arm’s reach of the developing Olympic village in Stratford, another young athlete continues his daily routine designed to elevate him to the status of Olympian. JJ Jegede has established himself as one of the most exciting British athletes around, with the East London resident touted as a potential 2012 Olympian primed to reignite the long jump event.

    The necessity to overcome adversity is rooted within Jegede’s DNA; injury has already played a pivotal role in his brief spell as an athlete. The inception of his long-jump career can in fact be traced to an injury – after establishing himself as a footballer of immense potential at just 13, his dreams were extinguished by persistent problems with his knees

  80. Mr duffy when i type fronter the home page comes up then i type my email and pass correctly then it dosnt come up it just says fronter You have been successfully authenticated,
    but you do not have a useraccount in camden.

    Shibboleth Service Provider by: thats what it says

  81. ok Mr Duffy i’ve finished the homework on the MLE about WHAT’S IN THE NEWS? and i’ve learnt the words ready for our test.

  82. Mr Duffy when i log on to the voss it says ”You virtual desktop is attempting to access your local files.Select the level of access you want to grant to your local files” and then it says

    ”No access”

    ”read only access”

    ”read/write access”

    • Jamilah, you can revise the continue with the percentage work we were doing on Friday. See if you can find percentages of differing amounts. If you find that easier can you then look at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.
      Sorry, I wasn’t there Friday evening to hand any homework out.

      Mr Duffy

  83. Extra homework!!!

    1. What is double forty-five? 90

    2. Write three hundred and twenty-six to the nearest ten. 330

    3. Which time is the same as fourteen-thirty?2:30pm

    2:30am, 4:30pm, 4:30am, 1;43pm, 2:30pm

    4. How many sevens are there in two hundred and ten? 30

    5. How many metres are there in one point five kilometres? 1500

    6. How many minutes are there in an hour and a half? 90 minutes

    7. What is one and a half added to four and a half? 6

    8. What is the sum of twenty-three and twenty-seven? 50

    9. Calculate the difference between five hundred and two hundred and thirty? 270

    10. What is one hundred and five divided by 5? 21

    11. What is three-quarters of two hundred? 150

    12. What is twenty-one multiplied by nine? 189

    13. Imagine a cube. How many vertices does it have? 8

    14. What is four multiplied by three point five? 14

    15. What is two percent of three hundred? 6

    16. Look at the following prices
    Adults £5.50
    Children £3.00
    What is the total cost of two adults and one child? £14.00

    17. What is the remainder when ninety-seven is divided by five? 2

    18. Which of the following numbers is a factor of thirty? 6

    4, 6, 7, 20, 60, 70

    19. What is the name of the angle which is less than ninety degrees? acute

    20. A bag of four oranges cost thirty-seven pence.
    How much do twelve oranges cost? £1.11


    7 x 3=21
    9 x 6= 54
    2 x 3= 6
    0 x 873=0
    8 x 2= 16
    8 x 6= 48
    10 x 0= 0
    9 x 3= 27
    4 x 2= 8
    0 x 3= 0
    8 x 8= 64
    8 x 3= 24
    4 x 7= 28
    10 x 4= 40
    5 x 7= 35
    9 x 5= 45
    9 x 1= 9
    2 x 7= 14
    4 x 8= 32
    1 x 5= 5
    7 x 6= 42
    8 x 10= 80
    9 x 2= 18
    3 x 5= 15
    6 x 6= 36
    6 x 2= 18
    10 x 3= 30
    1 x 4= 4
    7 x 8= 56
    9 x 4= 36
    6 x 4= 24
    9 x 7= 63
    8 x 3= 24
    3 x 1= 3
    6 x 5= 30
    6 x 8= 48
    0 x 0= 0
    1 x 1= 1
    2 x 2= 4
    3 x 3= 6
    4 x 4= 8
    5 x 5= 25
    6 x 6= 36
    7 x 7= 49
    8 x 8= 64
    9 x 9= 81
    3 x 6= 18
    4 x 5= 20
    9 x 8= 72
    3 x 4= 12.


    7 x 3=21
    9 x 6= 54
    2 x 3= 6
    0 x 873=0
    8 x 2= 16
    8 x 6= 48
    10 x 0= 0
    9 x 3= 27
    4 x 2= 8
    0 x 3= 0
    8 x 8= 64
    8 x 3= 24
    4 x 7= 28
    10 x 4= 40
    5 x 7= 35
    9 x 5= 45
    9 x 1= 9
    2 x 7= 14
    4 x 8= 32
    1 x 5= 5
    7 x 6= 42
    8 x 10= 80
    9 x 2= 18
    3 x 5= 15
    6 x 6= 36
    6 x 2= 18
    10 x 3= 30
    1 x 4= 4
    7 x 8= 56
    9 x 4= 36
    6 x 4= 24
    9 x 7= 63
    8 x 3= 24
    3 x 1= 3
    6 x 5= 30
    6 x 8= 48
    0 x 0= 0
    1 x 1= 1
    2 x 2= 4
    3 x 3= 6
    4 x 4= 8
    5 x 5= 25
    6 x 6= 36
    7 x 7= 49
    8 x 8= 64
    9 x 9= 81
    3 x 6= 18
    4 x 5= 20
    9 x 8= 72
    3 x 4= 12

  86. hey year 6 i hope you remember me
    secondary is hard
    you recap some f the things you done in primary but you also have to learn about shakespear which is REALLY hard

    stacey xxxxxx

  87. extra homework

    1. 10 x 13 =130

    2. 3 x 13 = 39

    3. 9 x 13 = 117

    4. 4 x 13 =52

    5. 8 x 13 = 104

    6. 12 x 13 =156

    7. 6 x 13 =78

    8. 2 x 13 =26

    9. 5 x 13 = 65

    10. 7 x 13 = 91

  88. hello its dennis here just want to say hello i heard that mr y is leaving so i want to say good luck in the future
    and say hello to everyone see you soon do you break up and what day you go back so i can come and see u again so can reply to me so i know when i can come to see you

  89. Question 1. Who had an encounter with the Three Bears?


    *Question 2. What is the name of Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend?


    *Question 3. Who was created by Gepetto the woodcarver?


    *Question 4. Which animals lay at the bottom of Nelsons column?


    *Question 5. What are the four countries that make up the United Kingdom?

    England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales England, Northern ,

    *Question 6. Who wrote the book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?

    *Question 7. What was the reason Spartan hoplites had an ‘L’ on their shield?

    1st reason is because so they know to kill and who not to kill

    2nd reason, the reason they had an L on their shield is because it stood for Lacedaemon and that was where they lived.

    *Question 8. Which country has the Commonwealth Games just been held in?


    *Question 9. When did the Ancient Greek Empire end?
    431 BC

    *Question 10. What is the square number 64?


  90. Hello Mr Duffy!
    Nivar here. Hope you are having fun in year 6. A message to all of year 6, secondary school isn’t that hard but have fun in year 6 they take lessons much more seriously here. Have a great half term. Enjoy having only one teacher because it is so different in Secondary school.


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